It is an Etta James kind of morning......

Spring Cleaning

Today, it began. My urge to organize our lives. I began with our closets...the black holes in which I sometimes stuff my clothing. I believe I found about eighty new outfits I forgot I even had. It was like a shopping extravaganza. There are many more places to be cleaned in our little home, but this will do for this evening. A clean closet just clears my mind.

I also have decided I might need therapy due to the insane amount of boots I possess. This picture doesn't even capture all of them....Problem?

And I may or may not be watching this right now....

Don't judge.

Theresa and Family

These are a couple photos from a shoot I did two weekends ago.
The weather was absolutely perfect.

Catch Up

I know I'm a lame blogger. But, let's not waste time with those details.

I feel like I'm finally finding my feet again as a photographer. I was stuck in a massive rut and still have a long way to go before I crawl completely out of it, but new found freedom is on its way. I can feel it.

Also, we are working like busy little bees for gigs coming up and our record has finally been mixed and mastered. Our release date is set for June 4th! Way later than hoped for, but I'm stoked none the less. A little sneak peak of perhaps some things to come....

This makes me happy.

And so does the fact that one of these will be found on our doorstep in a few days!!!!!! Oh man. I can't wait!