A Look Back: 2012

I like looking back at where we have been. I think it helps us figure out where it is we are going. 2012 was an interesting year for me. Many things came and went. My work life was probably the most challenging it has ever been. We played as much music as time would allow. So many things have grown in my heart for this new year. 

A look back....

I ate vegan/vegetarian for a month. Looking back, I remember how crazy that felt. I think a meatless day here and there is good for me, but beyond that, I am happy with Weight Watchers as of right now. (Mexico is only about 100 days away!) 

We shared some amazing meals with some amazing people. 

We drove many miles to visit this store. 

We celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. 

We built a front porch and gave our yard some much needed loving. 

I traveled to California to play music with The Piggies. 

I swiftly got back on a plane to visit Longview: the town that once held my heart. 

We tried to play as much music as possible. I also started to write and finish songs again. 

I could go on and on, really. 2012 was a good year. 2013 will be even better, of that I am sure. I have many thing stirring within me this evening regarding what is to come. 

Happy New Year, Everyone!