Do Yourself A Favor

Find out where this man is playing music, go there, listen, buy his records, enjoy.
It is pretty rare for a band to move me as much as Nathaniel Rateliff and the Wheel do. I'm always left breathless and nearly in tears at their shows due to the pure emotion that drips from their songs, their vocal harmonies are unlike anything from these parts, and they just seem like a group of down to earth musicians.

They played in Fort Collins last night at one of our beloved venues and I was yet again, not disappointed.

In other news, I ordered this book and just began reading it yesterday. Lets just say that my stomach hates me most days and I'm pretty dang sick of it. I'm currently researching my options and hope to find some solutions.


I have officially done nearly nothing today, aside from a few hours at work and lunch with my grandparents. I followed that quickly with a nap. Sometimes I need days like this. I know that I have a great tendency to over book my schedule and become way too busy for my own good. Between working full time, band practice for multiple different bands, photography on the side, and making sure our house isn't a war zone every night before I go to bed, I tend to get a little tired.

This weekend is a gift from heaven. The only thing we have on our plate is leading worship at church on Sunday. Other than that, I plan on having a weekend to recoup and renew.
The thing that frightens me as I sit here writing this words is that I'm feeling that sudden spring cleaning urge, the one that will probably drive me to levels of insanity and have my husband questioning my well being during the process. I like to be organized, to have a clean home. I also like to rearrange and decorate, to mix things up. Uh-oh. This weekend might involve that.

This weekend I will:
-Start organizing the house (Da da duh....)
- Go to Hobby Lobby
-Actually work on Style School Projects. I'm entirely bummed about how I've let my schedule get the best of me. There are so many projects I still need to do and can't wait to do!
-Read, write, dream
-Prepare for next weekend's crazy show schedule. (ie: Three shows in one day! Yikes!)
-Hopefully see these two movies. :)

I need summer. Bad.

This is our current weather situation=no good.

And, I have a new secret obsession with this show. :) Ha!

Tell the World

This is a simple post, simply about my obsession with this hair product. I have yet to find anything that quite compares.

I even have to special order it off the internet because I can't find it where I live.

Try it out. You won't be disappointed. Whether I'm wearing curls or straight, I adore this stuff.

Way Behind...

Life is overwhelming full of music, lots of gigs and practicing. I'm entirely too busy lately. I miss many things, but so many other good things are swiftly on their way.

Some things I miss.....
Late mornings spent drinking copious amounts of caffeine and listening to records.

Taking more photos.
More quite time.

Summer...for once I'm ready for warm weather, late nights, and road trips.

Style School. Lovely Style School. I am soooooooo behind. I really want to sew again.

But, alas, good things are on there way. Good changes. Ones that I can't quite express here yet, but needless to say, I'm stoked. (And, no mom, I'm not pregnant. ) :)

And on another side note...
We finally sent off our taxes and we are getting back far more than we bargained for. I believe my goal of being debt free by the time the hubby graduates college is on the horizon. And...we are currently drooling over one of these puppies.... *sigh*