I'm bursting at the seams today, I have the holidays on my mind. Decorating, gift brainstorming, projects. My domestic side is raging out from the caverns of my 9-5 office job of spread sheets and schedules. Sometimes I question why I do what I do. What will come of it? Or whether or not I'm just going to waste away and not live the creative life that I so dream of? That is another rant for another time.

But this is what last week entailed....snow, lots of snow!

My list is growing for this weekend. I plan on blogging a lot this weekend, for my goal is for it to be full of creativity and festivities. That is always a good goal, so lets see if I can stick to it. I've missed blogging this past week.

1. Clean house (blah)
2. Exercise
3. Work on planner
4. Keep crocheting....learn with DVD. I will conquer this!
5. Clean out closet. Take clothes to Good Will.
6. Work on new songs
7. Get hair cut and dyed. (FINALLY!)
8. Write a blog, or two!
9. Pay Bills (yuck)
10. Use inspiration/craft journal
11. Brainstorm Christmas presents and decor. Spray paint christmas tree (The white one that I found!!!! I'm so excited.)
12. Upload photos/Buy Prints
13. Dream.

May the fun begin!!

Crazy, Crazy, Crazy Good Weekend

This weekend has been nothing short of enjoyable and purely amazing. It began on friday for me.

I had one of my firsts as a musician. My first radio show. I was featured on the local college radio station, KCSU 90.5 with DJ Tasty. I was quite nervous, but it was really fun. He asked me a bunch of questions, played a few songs off of my last record, and had me play two newer songs live.

Then, another cool thing, my husband went and bought a guitar. His dad is so cool too, he threw in a fender acoustic amp as well. The hubby is now in gear heaven and has an acoustic guitar to call his very own.

We then went and saw this movie. Jack White will forever be the man.

Saturday began with another amazing time. We went into Pigpen Studios to start recording a brand new project. It already sounds amazing. The day couldn't have gone better. I love being able to play music that I love, with people that I love. We will being going back in a month to track a few more songs. It's happening, it's all happening.

I truly love my life.


I'm going through a sort of blog crisis. I seriously change how it looks every time I look at it. It's mildly frustrating. I'm also behind on my 365 days challenge....maybe I should do a photo a week or something, since I've been so horrible at it so far. Pull yourself together!!!

But, alas, I worked out tonight and feel really good about myself, which is lovely. I also get to learn how to crochet tomorrow which I'm entirely stoked about.

I spent most of my day in Denver at a work conference, which wasn't as great as I expected to be. But, being a big city makes me realize how much I miss this big city.

Portland, you will always be close to my heart.

As much as I love Colorado and living in a college town, I will always be a big city girl. Someday. Even just for a visit, I shall return with my wonderful husband.

Ten Things......

I'm way behind! But, I feel quite accomplished. I cleaned my house, from top to bottom. I can hear the last load of laundry in the dryer as we speak. That feels very nice.

1. This hairpray/dry shampoo. I'm obsessed. Any excuse to not have to wash my hair and rock it like a rockstar one more day, I'm down. When I lived in Portland, I would go for a LONG time. But now, in Colorado, the climate forces me to wash it more. *sidenote: I still rinse it out every other day. It's just a matter of not using shampoo all the time. :)

2. Apple Cider Recipes for my crockpot. Yes please!

3. Getting a pedicure with my mom....even when there's snow on the ground and no one will probably see my toes anyway.

4. The fact that this friday I will have my first radio interview! I'm a little scared...but more information with follow in a couple days!

5. Dreaming about Christmas decorations for our first Christmas as a married couple.
(Photo: Rachel Denbow)

6. Toms. These are on my xmas list for sure!

7. The fact that mom my almost fell out of her chair when I told her I wanted a sewing machine for Christmas. That's right. I'm becoming domestic and crafty. Shocking!

8. This record.

9. And this record.

10. This conditioner too. My sister, who is a hairdresser would be proud of me promoting so much product in this post! :)

I apologize for all of these stock photos for the 365 challenge are on their way! I just need to sit down and edit, edit, edit!

Here's to another absolutely crazy week!

I'm thinking of doing a 365 days of photos things again. I started it a couple years ago and did really well for a while then I moved and life became pure chaos. Here's something to start off the goal of a photo today, well two photos for today.

Last night, we began practicing for the studio. Next weekend on Oct 17th, we will be heading into the studio to track two songs, called Thunder and So Very. I'm very excited. I plan on releasing a four to five song ep in the next few months, Lord willing and the creek don't rise. I'm not playing a ton of shows for the next few months, which leaves me with more time to figure out what I really want or even need musically, some new, cool merch, a new record (EP), and what my life will look like musically in the future. I'm to the point where I really have no idea, but I'm ok with that. I'm just so glad I'm along for the killer ride.

Some photos from practice....

Today, we also got the first snow of the season. I don't know if I'm quite ready for that yet. You might not be able to see the flakes in the photo, but it was pretty crazy! Nothing stuck to the ground. I want more fall, not winter quite yet!


I've been away... really I've just neglected this poor little blog. I have a lot of catching up to do.

To begin with: A Weekend Recap

My wonderful husband and I played a show in Greeley at this amazing venue called Zoe's. I couldn't believe that a place as rad as that could be located in Greeley, CO! It was such an encouraging show, full of good community and artistic inspiration. We got to play with a lovely lady, Annie Brooks. She was so wonderful.
I love walking away from a night of music with so much inspiration and encouragement.

That being said, I have so many sweet ideas for some merchandise that will hopefully become a part of my shows! More on that later...I'm exctied!! Tshirts, buttons, stickers, a new record in the works!!!

My awesome sister and I met up for an afternoon of thrifting. We found a couple of absolutely amazing stores that I didn't know existed in Old Town. The first is right on College and benefits local charities. I found a dress for work and a red purse that holds more than enough of my world in it. We then went to another store called Clothes Mentor. I thought that I had died and gone to professional clothing heaven. It is all previously worn, inexpensive, and purely awesome. I walked away with a few more dresses for work. Then we went to a few flea markets and I found an amazing suitcase to put all of my merchandise for shows in.

Such a good day.

I spent most of the day enjoying rain, drinking apple cider, and working on my 2010 planner.