The List: 26 Things Before 26

Looking back on the last year, I feel that I have changed significantly from my 24 year old self to my now 25. I have grown creatively in the past year, I have played a lot of great music with great people, and I have made our house more of our home, and I have taken much better care of myself. 

24 was great. 

Some Highlights: 
Seattle, WA
Seaside, OR
Christmas 2010  
My love  
The Great Kitchen Redo 
The Great Kitchen Redo  
Bought a mom-mobile. And love it. 
Took care of myself. 
Recording at Backbone
Living the Dream 
June Camping  
Overall, I made it through most of my 25 list. I didn't run a 5k or even write a new song (or at least finish one.) I didn't blog nearly as much as I would have liked to or took a sewing class. 

But, man. I conquered a good part of this list. That feels good. 

I couldn't wait to write this years list. I feel that is will be the best one yet. 

1. Be better to my body and health. 

2. Record a new record. Good thing I've starting actually writing songs again.

3. Learn how to sew. 

4. Blog more. I've neglected my little blog world for nearly a month. 

5. Take photos. For fun. 

6. Re-do our bathroom & bedroom. Paint the walls. New bedding. New colors. 

7. Go through every room in our house. Determine what I love and hate. Craigslist shall be my best friend. 

8. Bake more. 

9. Keep growing out my hair. 

10. Lose the rest of my weight. 20 more pounds to go. 30 down. I'd say Weight Watchers is doing me some good. 

11. Go to a farmer's market. 

12. Landscape our yard. 

13. Pay off my van. 

14. Get out of debt. 

15. Get pregnant! :) 

16. Move into a somewhat different position at work. And enjoy it. 

17 . Go back to school. For what? Not sure yet. 

18. Run a 5k. 

19. Take a real vacation. Swim in the ocean. (I never have!) 

20. Wear more color. Go thrifting once a month. 

21. Learn to knit/crochet. 

22. Fly somewhere. 

23. Get another pet. 

24. Get another tattoo. 

25. Be a vegetarian for a month. 

26. Get a massage. 

Outfit Post: Eve of 25 Years

Tomorrow, I shall turn 25 years old. A quarter of a century. 

I decided an outfit post was in order. 

Outfit Details: 

Dress: Ross
Floral Tank: Ross
Shoes: Target
Cardigan: The Loft 

( I love, love, love these shoes. But, they make me feel like a giant!)