28 Things Before 28

One week and one day ago, I turned 27 years old. I'm now closer to thirty than I am to twenty five. I feel like my years as a teenager are very far away now. My immaturities from that time in my life are only a small flicker in my life now. My past is my past. I don't think I've ever looked so forward to the future like I am now. Being pregnant puts everything into perspective and I'm scared to death about becoming a parent. This will happen while I am 27. 

Last year's list looks a tad sad. A lot of the things on here involved me doing things not pregnant. Oh well. I also didn't blog for a good chunk of last year and I had forgotten many things on the list. 

This was last year.....

1. Finish writing 5 songs. That’s a big deal. ( I finished four whole songs. I'm crossing this off.) 
2. Rock a two piece swimming suit with confidence.
3. Treat myself to a massage
4. Camp in a tent
5. Get another tattoo
6. Learn to knit (I will put this on my lists until I do it!)
7. Record another music project
8. Work through a few e-courses that have piled up.
9. Gain financial peace. Get out of debt once and for all.
10. Get pregnant.
11. Paint some walls
12. Not kill my garden (Big negative. I got pregnant and created a pile of weeds.) 
13. Have a picnic
14. Sew something. Anything.
15. Fly in a plane
16. Repurpose a piece of furniture
17. See a concert at Red Rocks
18. Go on a wine or beer tasting tour (Prego, no go.) 
19. Eat at 5 places we have never tried before.
20. Bake often. 
21. Have a girls night
22. Make breakfast for dinner
23. Finish reading the Dark Tower Series by Stephen King (This was my man’s idea)
24. Have a dinner party
25. Read 12 novels (I probably made it about half way on this one.) 
26. Re-grow out my hair (Definite no. I really chopped all of my hair off in April.) 
27. Take a road trip

Here's to a new year and a new list. It doesn't feel quite as ambitious, but I'm sure with a little one around, this will be more than enough. 

1. Buy more vinyl
2. Have a baby (Duh) 
3. Continue the great yard makeover on our pathetic lawn
4. Pay off all credit card debt (we are well on our way!) 
5. Go to the Drive-In or to a movie all by myself 
6. Bake a pie
7. Have a garage sale
8.  Rejoin a gym/New workout regime 
9. Read the Dark Tower Series
10. Lose the baby weight
11. Decorate the nursery 
12. Photo booth pics with my honey
13. Hang out with other moms
14. Go to the Roller Derby
15. Have a weekend away
16. IKEA Trip
18. Have breakfast at midnight
19. Make a bunch of frozen meals before baby's arrival
20. Try 12 new recipes
22. Do the Whole 30
24. Send out Christmas cards
25. Write a letter to an old friend
26. Make a photography website
27. Take better care of my skin- new routine 
28.  See a concert. (not including any gig we are involved in.) 

I am excited for this year and all that it brings.