Yard Crashers 2012

Today. It begins. Yard Crashers 2012. I'm up before 8am on my day off. I'm wearing copious amount of sunscreen. I even think I might wear a bandana. It's said that there will be donuts. 

Our goal: to not have the worst looking yard on the block. There will be a brand new front porch. We will be showing our nearly dead grass some love. The hedge in front will be getting a really good haircut. It's time. I'm ready. Thank heavens it's supposed to be in the eighties today instead of record temps in the 100's. Thank the Lord. 

So. I'm going to get messy, dirty, and sweaty. But, it will be all worth it. 

More photos to follow. 

If I come out of this without a sunburn of any kind, I have succeeded. 

Wish List Wednesday: The Maxi Dress

Summer is here obviously in full force. I spend most of my days trying to dress for work in a way that a) Covers all of my tattoos :( b) Looks business casual and c) Keeps me cool once I leave the confines of my air conditioned work place. Those are a lot of situations to compete with. I'm either freezing at work or sweating like crazy on the drive home. 

My new obsession: Maxi Dresses and Skirts

You can dress them up with a blazer or sweater for work. Add some funky jewelry and you can't go wrong walking the halls of your place of work. Once you clock out, you can easily peel the sweater or blazer off and head to a BBQ on a back porch and drink a beer. It's a win win. 

Source Unknown, found via Pinterest 

Wet Seal 

Source Unknown: Found via Pinterest

I'm on a hunt currently to all of the thrift stores around town for maxi skirts and dresses. I need them cheap because frankly we aren't made of money. The search continues! 

Goals for July

June. Good ol' June. I didn't accomplish nearly half of my goals for that month. Life was busy. Crazy busy. It was full of shows and anniversary celebrations. I was sick for half of it because I've been breathing in smoke from all of the fires in Colorado. I still have a pesky cough that just doesn't want to go away. I was a bad blogger. I did drink a lot of tea and read some, but that was about it. 

But, alas, here we find ourselves in July! The fourth of July is upon us. Usually once that hits, the summer flies by in the blink of an eye and I beginning preparing for fall (My favorite season of all!) I'm ready for fall already. Cooler weather is probably my main desire. That and boots, scarves, lattes, and preparing for the holidays. My favorite. I even want to try and start shopping for Christmas now. (Yes, I am striving to be one of those crazies.) 

Until that time though, I will continue to sweat like a crazy women in our un-airconditioned home and pray that it cools down long enough for us to sit in our house for a while every evening. I need some good BBQ's on the back porch. Some wine. A good book. July is promising. 

Work through this book with my man. We need it. 

Find a killer sangria recipe and enjoy it on our back porch. 

I've been brainstorming meal planning for the two us. I would like to expand upon that endeavor. Dinners together sound wonderful. 

Write my new 27 before 27 list. My birthday will be here before I know it. 

Go thrifting. I'm on the hunt for some maxi dresses/skirts.