Instagram: The Weekend

We have been very blessed lately. My man has had two weekends in a row off. This rarely ever happens in the grand scheme of things. Most of the time our work schedules fall as being completely opposite of each other and most days are spent with me kissing him good bye in the morning while he still sleeps a few more hours. Our nights are usually me going to be stupid early and him crawling in a few hours later. Like ships passing in the night. Hopefully, someday this will change. So, when a weekend presents itself, it's time for us to relax, have a good date night or two, and work on the house. 

This Weekend: By Instagram (you can find me: bailyhollen) 

I get to one cheat day on my diet each week. Which means one thing: Donuts. I used to not like them, now that's all I want when I get to eat whatever I want. WIth extra sprinkles if possible. 
Band Practice. We have a show on Monday. (Which I've decided is a very random day for a gig. It's throwing me off.) 
We tried a new pizza place downtown for date night (also on cheat day). Delicious. 
My coffee mug at church. 
Timberline Oldtown. 
Me cleaning the house like a mad woman. Listening to Wolfmother as loud as possible. 
It has begun. Garden 2012. Let's hope I don't kill it all again. 

I love weekends. I don't love that Monday is already tomorrow. 

Wish List Wednesday (On Thursday. Oops!) : Accessories

I've come to the conclusion that a lady can never have too many accessories. I've had my ears pierced for years, but it wasn't until about a year ago that I actually started wearing earrings again. I'm obsessed. When I forget to put on earring, I feel like something is missing throughout my whole day. A wonderfully, sturdy, yet stylish bag also never hurt anyone. Here is my wish-list for the week: Accessories Edition. 

Truly Gritty and Gorgeous Bag by ModCloth 
Earthly Wooden Teardrop Earrings by Roots and Feathers 
Gold Chevron Earrings By Mooreaseal on Etsy 

Happy Thursday. My weekend actually begins right now. 

What's In My Bag

I've seen these posts done a million times over the past few years and I'm always intrigued by what people carry with them in their bags. I think you can see what a person's priorities are at times by what they carry with them. This is my "casual-weekend-I'm going thrifting and drinking way to much coffee- bag." I picked the bag up at ARC Thrift Store for a few bucks and it has treated me well. I'm all about bags I can just cram full of stuff and toss over shoulder. 

1. Bag: Thrifted from Arc
3. Keys: house, gym card, work, car, etc. 
4. My shades. As cheap as they come. Every time I buy expensive sunglasses, I manage to break them or sit on them within a few days. 
5. The stupid bracelet I have to wear at work to cover up my wrist tattoo. (Ask me how I feel about that one sometime.) 
6. An apple. With my new meal plan, I eat ALL THE TIME. I must always be prepared. 
7. My waterbottle. I consume at least 3 a day. Let's just say I flush out toxins a lot. 
8. My beloved iPhone. What I did before this, I have no idea. 
9. My nerd glasses. 
10. My iPad. 
11. My grungy wallet. I think it's time for a new one. 
12. My Moleskine. I write down everything in here. Each morning I try to spend time writing three pages before I'm off to work. It keeps me sane. 
13. These pens. They make my handwriting as legible as it will ever be. 
14. Chapstick. Or I just obsessively ask to use my husband's all of the time. 
15. My "B" notebook. I write blog ideas, lists, lists, and more lists. 

So, what's in your bag? 

Young Inspiration: The Water Project

I sat in church yesterday, much like many Sundays that have come before. But, on this specific day, something stuck out. More specifically, someone stuck out. During the announcements a young girl took the stage and stated that as part of her tenth birthday, she was doing something for someone else. Here enters the Water Project. Charity is raising money to help provide clean drinking water to part of the 1 billion people that live their everyday lives without it. 

Charity is just shy of ten years of age and this is what fills her mind and heart. I was just so struck by the passion of this young girl. I then began to question the lack of my own child-like heart in the midst of the fundraiser that she is embarking upon. I want her passion. I want her heart. She gets it and I find that very encouraging. 

Image Source
Please check out her website and donate if you feel the urge to. The world definitely needs more people like Charity in it. I am thankful that she shared her passion and her plan with us. A little perspective to shake up my life never hurt anything. 

26 Things Before 26: A Revisit

I was realizing the other day how close I really am to turning 26 years old. That number used to seem so far away, off in the distance. Being over 25 seemed like decades away. Now I am 107 days until I turn 26. I’ve also come to the realization of how much of this list I still need to accomplish, some of the things I might not accomplish, and some of the things I actually have completed in my 25 years of living. I figured it would be a healthy reminder to revisit this list since my birthday isn’t that far away. Time moves so quickly nowadays and my weeks seem to pass by in the blink of an eye if I’m not careful enough to slow down every once in a while. 

1. Be better to my body and health. 
I am doing this. We have joined a gym and I am working out consistently. I’ve also been on a new meal plan that has changed the way I eat. I stepped on a scale last night and am 7 lbs down from the last time I stepped on that fateful scale. I am making progress. Good progress. I am learning what it is to live strong. 

2. Record a new record. Good thing I've starting actually writing songs again.
I fear that this probably won’t happen in 100 days. I am writing again. I must take this as it comes. 

3. Learn how to sew
I still have hope. Our art room has become a storage room, but I hope to change that very soon. 

4. Blog more. I've neglected my little blog world for nearly a month. 
Look. Here I am writing as we speak. 

5. Take photos. For fun. 
I have done this, not as much as I’d like, but I think I have accomplished this. Maybe a photo date is my future. (My first date with my husband consisted of taking photos all over our little city.) 

6. Re-do our bathroom & bedroom. Paint the walls. New bedding. New colors. 
I have the ideas. I just need the paint. And the funding. 

7. Go through every room in our house. Determine what I love and hate. Craigslist shall be my best friend. 
This weekend. It begins. I’m planning the garage sale to end all garage sales. 

8. Bake more. 
Accomplished. I make a mean loaf of bread. I do think I should branch out more though. Cakes? Pies? 

9. Keep growing out my hair. 
Done. And still growing. 

10. Lose the rest of my weight. 20 more pounds to go. 30 down. I'd say Weight Watchers is doing me some good. 
See #1. 

11. Go to a farmer's market. 
It’s on my calendar. 

12. Landscape our yard. 
We first of all need to go over the yard with a vengeance. Our home was a rental before we bought it almost two years ago and the yard is taking it out on us. 

13. Pay off my van. 
Uh. Probably not this year. We are poor. 

14. Get out of debt. 
See # 13. But, we are slowly making progress. 

15. Get pregnant! :) 
I thought for sure this would be the year we would begin this journey, but alas, it just doesn’t seem to be our time yet. But, God can do anything He wants with this one. 

16. Move into a somewhat different position at work. And enjoy it
No change, but I’m surviving the office life one day at a time. 

17 . Go back to school. For what? Not sure yet. 
This is still far off. It might not be in the future for me either. I have made it my intention to keep learning as much as I can but not within the institution of another college. 

18. Run a 5k.
I joined a gym. I go to that gym a lot. We will live with that for now.  

19. Take a real vacation. Swim in the ocean. (I never have!) 
I went to Mexico with my work. I dream about it weekly. 

20. Wear more color. Thrift once a month. 
I have definitely done this. Outfit posts are also on their way. 

21. Learn to knit/crochet. 
I still need to do this. 

22. Fly somewhere. 

23. Get another pet. 

24. Get another tattoo. 
Still dreaming up what I want next. I do know that the next piece will be color. All of mine are currently black and white. Also see #13 and #14. ie: We are poor. 

25. Be a vegetarian for a month. 
I went vegan/vegetarian for month. Read about here and here. 

26. Get a massage. 
I can’t forget about this one. I must schedule one soon. 

Wish List Wednesday: Home Edition

I am always thinking of new ways to spruce up our home. I'm ever so slowly beginning to work through each room in hope of getting rid of so many things. I desire a clean slate. Something new. Something fresh. Many of the knick knacks and decor I possess, I've had since my college days (which is further away than I realize. Almost four years! Holy cow!) I'm constantly falling asleep at night creating little decorating lists in my mind....a new set of sheets, a new shower curtain, could I paint that table? Etc, etc, etc. I love having a home that people can hang out at, play music in, and be a community in. Decorating and keeping a nice home is only a small piece of that picture. 

So, without further a-due...Wish-List Wednesday: Home Edition 

A vintage sheet set from Etsy.  This will go perfectly with a quilt I have for spring/summer. 

I've been crushing on this quilt for a long time. 

I love the pop of color on this shower curtain. It would make early mornings so much brighter. 

And just a few wishes for me....

These Tumbleweed Sunglasses are top notch. 

Yet Another Reason Why I Play Music

It changes you. It helps you remember. It makes you feel alive. 

We Must Travel in the Direction of Our Fear

Source Unknown, found via Pinterest

These are the words that I need to read today.

Some fears....

1. Starting my own business.
2. Becoming strong.
3. Writing songs for another album.
4. Writing a book.
5. Building a band again. Booking some shows.

Life of a Musician: Calloused Hands

I’ve wondered many times in my life why I continue to be a musician. Bands have come and gone, musicians and friends have done much of the same. We all keep going on living our lives in our little corner of the world and songs slowly fade away into the years that have gone by. Our voices have become quieter over the years and our instruments have gathered dust. 
Yet, still I always return to these things. No matter where I seem to be in my life, there is an aching that always takes me back to that place, to that guitar, to those piano keys. I’d like to think that I could run away from them forever; for what reason I’m not really sure. Maybe it’s the idea of being able to conquer something that has been my ghost for so long. It has followed in my footsteps through every downfall and every triumph of my life. It has been my constant companion when I couldn’t see three feet in front of me and only wanted to turn back and run away as fast as my feet would carry me. 
My hands ache to have those calloused hands that signify the long days playing a guitar. I long to be able to close my eyes and let my hands guide my heart and soul across the piano keys. I’ve come to places in my life where if I didn’t put pen to paper and gotten the lyrics out of my soul, I would have surely gone crazy. There have been times where I can’t seem to write fast enough. Where the lyrics pour out of me from places in my heart that I didn’t even know existed. Then there are the seasons, much like the last few years, where I have to fight with everything within me just to pen a few lines.  Life has a funny way of dictating the flood or the famine. 
I do believe as an artist it is important to be heard. I also believe that these words and the progression of notes were meant to not only reside in my basement or in the pages of my tattered moleskine. My sanity, the point in which I feel truly alive, is when I open my mouth and let those songs live. If only it were that easy most of the time. It is a struggle, a daily battle between not having enough time in the day and having the life sucked out of me in the office. It is a process, one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It is an aching, where one feels their heart strings pulled as they walk right past the piano and out the door to live their adult life. 
Today, I realize the importance of not running away from that ache. 

White Walls, Wood Floors

Normally my decor taste leans far more towards bold, colorful walls and lots of prints. Lately, I've been noticing that I'm drawn towards fairly minimal spaces, with white walls, and wood floors. The thing I love about this type of home design is that even though the walls are white, like a blank canvas, the pieces in the room speak for themselves. Color pops from places other than the paint on the walls. I am also entirely envious of the wood floors that I find throughout all of these photos. Someday, I will rid our home of carpet forever! 

 Source: unknown source, on Pinterest 

 Source: unknown source, on Pinterest 

I want to sort through so much of what we own and start over. I also want to buy a bunch of paint and create a clean slate. 

BITS & PIECES: The Road Trip

This post is inspired by Bleubird Vintage and her bits and pieces posts. Please be sure to check it out. I love the little peeks inside her creative world and her family. These are the odds and ends from our trip. I want to capture these moments. 

one. road trip poncho + sunnies
two. farms and more farms. 
three. classy hotel in kansas. 
four. breakfast at anton's coffee shop.
five. rad bar at the coffee ethic 
six. i have everything i need in this picture. 
eight. massive tub 

Goals for April

-Prepare for a massive garage sale this June. 

-Start gardening. I'm behind. 

- Share a few outfit posts on the blog. 

- Play FOCOMX, a local music festival. 

Red Velvet Shop: Springfield, MO

The main reason we drove 14 hours to Missouri was for one and only one reason: This shop. Some may find it crazy that we drove that amount, took the time off of work, and spent a good chunk of change, just so we could see this place. I firmly believe that it was all worth it. Totally worth it. 

I have dreams of one day opening up my own shop, much like this one in many ways. I needed a road trip away from the office and daily life for even just a little while. A fire has been lit once again inside of me. My dreams are big. They are scary at times. They are financially overwhelming most of the time. But, being able to see someone else that I don't even really know living out their dreams is greatly encouraging. It's trips like this and experiences like these that keep me awake at night. It has been so long since I have felt the urge to not shut my eyes at my early bedtime and dream with my eyes and my heart wide open. I will see the end of my office days. I will see the molding and shaping of things inside of me. It must happen. I cannot silence them now. 

I purchased the most amazing dress. I wore it today actually. It fits perfectly. An outfit post is definitely in the future. 

I don't really know what the future holds but I know I shouldn't quit preparing and dreaming. Visiting this shop changed so many things in me.