Woah. Dear Jesus, please let our children grow up with a strong desire to play music.  

Seeing this makes me extremely thankful for my grandmother giving me piano lessons when I was young. 

This either makes me want to grab my guitar and practice like a mad woman or quit forever. 

Probably the first option. 

My Vegan Journey: January Update

I have a love hate relationship with food in most circumstances. I love a good cheese, some french bread, and wine just like the next person, but my hips and tummy probably would disagree most times. I want to get through my day knowing that I ate the best that I could, nourished my body with the fuel that it needs (which probably shouldn't include drinking quite as much coffee. Maybe green tea!), and being nice to my self and the misconceptions I may have about my body and health. 

It's a constant journey. I cannot eat like an angel for a few days and then completely sabotage myself on the weekend just because I kept it up for a few days. I think I make it far more difficult than it needs to be at times. 

January was a good month. I ate mostly vegan. I would be lying to you if I said I didn't allow myself a cheat day every once in a while, but I can say that I only consumed meat maybe 3 or so times. That in itself is a triumph. Whenever I could eat vegan I would. When we would go out or I wanted to have a nice date with my man, sometimes that's harder to do. Those times would be when I would eat vegetarian at least. 

Don't get me wrong, eating vegan is wonderful. I feel better. My stomach loves me so much more. I enjoy planning meals and actually cooking something. But, a girl has to have some cheese every once in a while. Let's not get all crazy. 

My journey for February......

I plan on still eating as close to vegan as possible but I will allow some dairy every once in a while. I miss my greek yogurt and the occasional veggie pizza. But, meat? I don't really desire it as much as I used to. I'm alright with that. 

I like the challenge. It's good for me to plan my meals out before hand. I enjoy cooking and baking with a vegan bent in mind. I plan on continuing on this journey for the months to come. One thing I would like to add to this journey is more exercise. Sitting at a desk all day isn't helping anyone. I also would like to embrace using my juicer more often. 

Hello, February. 

February Goals

Holy cow. How are we to February already? 2012 is moving far too swiftly. Must slow down. 

Have a romantic date with my man for Valentine's Day. 

Finish one DIY project. I have too many ideas floating around.  

Begin working through this book. 

Clean the garage out. Yuck. 

Make a trip to IKEA! (Hopefully!) 

Music Love: Kathleen Edwards

This women inspires the heck out of me and makes me want to lock myself in a room and write songs all day, which I need to do something awful. I need to quit running away from that part of me all the time. She just came out with a new record, Voyageur, and I seriously can't quit listening to it. 


Community Meals

Last week we had a wonderful couple and their son join us at our house for dinner. Denise (she blogs here and is an amazing cook) made us dinner and brought it to our house. We provided the bread, salad, and Shawn provided the wine. It was delicious. I've been allowing myself one day a week to not eat vegan and this was the perfect night to choose. The cake she made was amazing and I am still dreaming about it. 

It's nice to have people in our home. Good people. Good food. I hope there are many more nights like this one in our future. 
Butternut Squash Soup  

Geoff was the life of the party. 

Recipe Here