WHOLE ME | Whole 30 Week 3

I only have about one more week until I have officially completed my first Whole 30. It feels like it's gone fairly quickly and I feel like I could eat like this on a continued basis, with some alterations. I haven't been nearly as hungry this week. I've snacked less, which is good because that's one of the things they stress about in the book: minimal snacking. I've landed into a routine of cooking the same meals over and over again, but I really don't mind. I've found a few that I really enjoy and I just keep going back to them. 

I am now starting to research my reintroduction into the world of food once my 30 days is over. I haven't completely decided what I will bring in to my diet yet or not. I know that I will be way less strict at family get togethers or when we go out to eat. I want to still be able to enjoy my life with food. But, I also am realizing how certain foods make me feel and I don't know if I will reintroduce certain things back into my life. 

The reintroduction process from Whole 30 looks like this....You can find this list here....

Here is what I ate this past week. Some of these don't look very glorious, but I assure you, these meals were all delicious. 

B: Banana, Blueberries, Almond Butter, Coffee
L: Lots of Veggies, Ground Beef, Compliant Tomato Sauce, Tomatoes, Garlic, Spinach, Mushrooms
D: Snack Tray. HB Eggs, Plantains, Dates, Guac.

B: Sweet Potatoes, Chicken Sausage, Fried Egg, Hot Sauce, Coffee
S: Strawberries, after my workout
L: Same spaghetti sauce creation and veggies
D: Chicken, some paleo mayo with hot sauce, guac.  

B: Sweet Potatoes, Chicken Sausage, Fried Egg, Coffee
L: CHIPOTLE!! My favorite thing ever. 
S: Grapes and Turkey
D: Prosciutto-Wrapped Chicken, Asparagus, Fried Eggs, Hot Sauce

B: Smoothie with Mixed Berries, Pineapple, Spinach, Almond Milk
L: Chicken Sausage, Spaghetti Creation, Veggies
D: Snack Tray: Grapes, Turkey, HB Eggs, Guac, Plantains 

(Sunday Morning, at work) 
B: HB Eggs, Larabar, Banana, Coffee
L: Shrimp Stir Fry w/ Coconut Aminos 
D: Birthday Dinner at FIL's. Chicken, Salsa, Salad, Grapes, La Croix. (He grilled me special chicken for the occasion. Everyone else had really good looking burritos...) 

B: Sweet Potatoes, Yellow Bell Peppers, Fried Egg, Coffee
L: Spaghetti Creation, Chicken Sausage, Lots of Veggies
D: Snack Tray (again.) Snap Peas, Grapes, Guac, Plantians

B: Sweet Potatoes, Chicken Sausage, Coffee
L: Shrimp Stir Fry w/ Coconut Aminos, 
S: Grapes and Coffee while working at a coffeehouse
D: Lots of Veggies, Spaghetti Creation, Prosciutto-Wrapped Chicken. 

What I'm Learning This Week: 
1. I have been having insane dreams lately and sleeping like a rock. 
2. I'm snacking less, which is good. 
3. I haven't been nearly as hungry as before. A lot of dinners are just kind of snack trays. It's probably so I don't have to cook something. 
4. My spaghetti sauce creation is delicious but I'm pretty sick of it now. 
5. I can't wait to go to COSTCO today and restock on a ton of stuff. 
6. My allergies have been super bad but I think that's just how it goes for me. 
7. I can't wait to weigh myself next week. 
8. I've been pinning a lot of recipes for moving forward on Pinterest.

WHOLE ME | Whole 30 Week 2

Tomorrow morning marks half way through the Whole 30. Half way. Half way! I can hardly believe it myself but I have also resorted to dreaming about sneaking donuts and totally cheating on my diet. I wake up realizing that it was only a dream and then laugh at myself because I felt guilty upon waking that I totally walked into a grocery store, filled my cart with things that aren't diet compliant, and then went to town and consumed everything that I could. 

Sure, I've had cravings. Sure, I would like to have had popcorn at the movie theatre when we went on a date. Sure, I would like to not have to cook ALL OF THE TIME and wash dishes ALL OF THE TIME. But, in all reality, the past 2 weeks haven't been nearly as hard as I thought it would be. I have had only one day where I had a raging headache. I've landed into a pretty decent groove and routine of what I eat when. Going out to eat doesn't really happen unless it's Chipotle, which is awesome, or some breakfast joint where I can stay decently well behaved. I have felt pretty tired some days but then I sleep well and dream like crazy. 

I'm already contemplating what I will be allowing back into my diet after all of this done. I still have goals to meet. This picture has been my phone screen since I started the Whole 30. I believe this was back in 2006, so nearly 10 years ago, which is crazy to think about. I was home from college for Christmas and I was pretty darn skinny. I believe I had gone through a breakup, moved to campus, and didn't take that great of care of myself, but needless to say, this is possible. Now, after a kid and nearly ten more years since that time, I realize that my body has gone through some pretty epic changes. For example, growing a baby and then delivering the baby changed just about everything about my body chemistry. But, I am a very visual person, and having a goal in mind, is a good thing. It just shows me that I can be that weight. It is possible. I know the goal weight I am working towards and I don't want to stop until I meet it. 

So, I have 2 more weeks. I can totally do this. I need to try a few more new recipes in my rotation so I don't get tired of the eating the same things all of the time. Miraculously, I haven't tired of eggs. I LOVE eggs, which is a good thing. Here's what I ate last week. Again, if you don't want to see food photos, don't. 

B: We went out to eat. I ended up getting a Denver Skillet without the cheese and a coffee. It was so so good. 
L: Shredded Chicken, Guac, Salsa. HB Eggs. Ice Tea. 
S: Grapes and Turkey
D: Prosciutto wrapped chicken, greens beans & mushrooms cooked in Ghee. Pineapple.  

B: Bacon & Eggs. Coffee. 
L: Sweet Potatoes, Shredded Chicken, Guac, Salsa. Minus the plantains. I just forgot to take a picture. 
D: HB Eggs, Turkey, Grapes, Guac

B: HB Eggs, Banana, Blueberries, Almond Butter, Coffee
L: Chicken Sausage, Green Beans & Mushrooms, Spicy Mustard
D: Shrimp Stir Fry w/ Coconut Aminos. 

B: Cashew Cookie Lara Bar, HB Eggs, Banana, Coffee
L: Shrimp Stir Fry w/ Coconut Aminos
S: Strawberries
D: Grapes, Plantains (I know, I know), Guac

B: HB Eggs, Bacon, Coffee
L: Chicken Sausage, Green Beans & Mushrooms, Spicy Mustard, La Croix
D: Fridge Dump....Sweet Potatoes, Shredded Chicken, Green Beans, Mushrooms, Hot Sauce

B: HB Eggs, Turkey, Peach, Coffee
L: Proscuitto Wrapped Chicken, Steamed Veggies, Grapes, 
D: Strawberries, Plantains, Guac

B: HB Eggs, Turkey, Banana, Coffee
L: Chipotle from Work!
S: Mango, Mixed Berries, Banana, Almond Milk Smoothie
D: Chicken Sausage, Veggies, Spicy Mustard, Grapes, La Croix

What I Am Learning: 

1. I still really want to weigh myself. I'm noticing a change and I am super curious to see what the scale says. 
2. I have to make time to workout. The past two days I haven't done the best at that but I'm sitting in my workout clothes as I type this. Once the kid goes down for a nap, I'm working out. 
3. La Croix is the best drink ever. 
4. I miss Ezekiel Bread in the morning with an over easy egg. 
5. Meal prep is super important. 

There you have it. Another week is done. I got this. 

Life Lately | An Update

Life has been such a whirlwind as of late. So many things seem to be occurring and coming into fruition. We seem to be in a good groove and I am alright with that. I haven't done  post like this in a long time, but as a bit of an update and some link love thrown into it....

 I am almost half way through my Whole 30, look for a post on that tomorrow.....I haven't felt this good and confident about myself in a very long time. People are starting to notice and comment and I'm only half way. I feel that is a good sign. Read my first post on my first week, if you haven't already. 

Work is in full swing as always and I'm just trying to live out a good "hustle." I've been editing photos like a crazy from a wedding the we photographed at the end of June. Any spare moment I have, during nap time, late at night: I edit. 

I've been loving the library as of late. A library card is literally one of the best things to happen to me. I can't even begin to tell you how much money I was spending on books that I would only read one time and then would fall back in place on a shelf, left untouched. The library is awesome. Currently on my nightstand, I am reading: this, this, this, and this.  I also am really into audio books and nerd up every time I am driving in my car. My current listen is this.  I read the book years ago but it's wonderful because it's read by the author and I like her vibe. How can one not love the library? My book list of things I have on hold is ever growing. I wish I had more hours in the day where I could get lost in a good book. Sometimes nap times allow me to do so but most of the time it's before I go to sleep at night. I read with the roar of the A/C in our room and the baby monitor humming next to me. 

Yesterday, we did something that we have been talking about for a long while but I never thought would actually happen. WE BOUGHT A NEW CAR!!!!! I no longer have to drive the mom mobile. The minivan was great for the years that we had it. We played a lot of shows with that car and crammed it full of music gear. I've driven Marin all over the place. I've fretted about how the van is running and whether or not it will make it to the next season. I have never in my life had a new car. My own NEW car. Dodge had some amazing deals out there and we spent the day at the car dealership. Overall, it was a great experience. I am not a big fan of dealerships but we had a great experience, albeit a long one. We drove home a new Dodge Journey, which is literally the bigger brother to my husband's car. I love it. I can't wait to go drive it today. 

That being said, I've also been researching ways to live more frugally in our lives. With a brand new car, comes a brand new car payment. We managed to get our payment in a decent range, but I need to tighten things up around here a bit. I won't be frequenting Starbucks per usual, that is for sure. Here's what I've been reading lately..... 

And on a kind of related note...I found this article interesting: Take the 1000 Day Challenge!

WHOLE ME | Whole30 Week 1

Lately, I feel like I've been right on the edge of something extraordinary. It's been a slow climb but I feel like I've finally landed on something that feels like home. The Whole 30. Some of you probably know what this is, some of you don't. For thirty days, I am abstaining from grains, legumes, dairy, alcohol, and sugar. 

You're probably thinking..." That sounds horrible! Why would you ever do that??!!" 

Well, I'm doing it because I want to change my relationship with food and finally feel good in my own skin. Ever since I had a baby, a year and a half ago, I have been on a constant struggle with my weight and how I feel about myself. Somedays, I think about it constantly. Other days, I avoid it with everything within me and reach for another cookie and then another. 

I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. I've set out to change that. I want to feel confident and actually love the person that looks back at me in the mirror. I like that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. In my mind, I can do anything for 30 days. I tried this about a month ago and failed miserably in the process of getting new floors in our home, not having a kitchen for a week, and then going on vacation and eating whatever my heart desired. My head wasn't in the game. It is now. 

I have been taking photos of all of my meals, in an effort to document everything that I am eating. I have scheduled out all of my workouts for the month and it's been really good getting back into the swing of things. I'm doing a combination of the HIIT program, 30 Day Shred, Yoga Inferno, and PIYO. I will probably incorporate in other workouts if I get bored and I want to take a lot of walks with Marin. 

(Side Note: If you are looking for an amazing planner, check out the GetToWork Book. I am so obsessed. I believe this round is sold out, but she will be releasing them again.) 

Here is what I ate in the first week. I totally nerd out when other bloggers post about this stuff, so if you aren't a fan of food photos, quit reading. You've been warned. 

The one thing about this plan is you cook a lot. I'm constantly washing dishes but I feel so much better about what I'm putting in my body. It's worth it. 

B: Aidell's Sausage from Costco, Fried Egg, Melons, Coffee (Black) 
L: Chicken, Steamed Veggies, Melon
S: Apple w/ Almond Butter
D: Turkey, Paleo Avocado Mayo, Bell Peppers, HB eggs, plantains, guacamole, dates for dessert

B: Scrambled eggs (no milk) with Aidell's Sausage, Spinach, Black Coffee
L: Spinach, Cruciferous Crunch from Trader Joe's sautéed in avocado oil and ghee, Chicken, Grapes
S: Plantains, Avocado, Salsa
D: Chicken Wrapped in Prosciutto, HB Eggs, Steamed Veggies

B: Smoothie (mango, berries, spinach, almond milk) 
*I know the rules are all about not having smoothies. My kid drinks these and still plan to make them.
L: Same as Day 2's dinner
S: Iced Tea (unsweetened), Dates
D: Plantains, Avocado, Chicken, Salsa

B: Banana, Blueberries, Almond Butter, HB Eggs, Black Coffee
L: Turkey, Bell Peppers, Spicy Mustard, Guacamole, Plantains, Grapes
D: Watermelon, Ridell's Sausage, Broccoli, Mustard, Berries for Dessert

B: Larabar, Banana, HB Eggs, Iced Coffee. Later on I had an apple. Hungry at work. 
L: Chipotle! Carnitas, Salad, Salsa, Guacamole. So delicious!! Ice Tea. 
D: (Went to the movies and didn't get popcorn and a soda!) Plantains, grapes, Iced Tea

B: Bacon & Eggs (It was really hard trying to find compliant bacon.) 
L: Tuna with paleo avocado mayo, lots of greens, banana peppers, sauerkraut, and sweet potatoes. (The kitchen sink salad) 
S: Coffee & Banana
D: Sweet Potatoes, Shredded Salsa Verde Chicken, Peppers, Guac, Plantains for added crunch, Salsa

B: Larabar, Banana, HB Eggs, Iced Cold Brew from Starbucks
L: Same as dinner last night, minus the plantains. (I behaved myself today.) 
D: Veggies, Chicken Wrapped In Prosciutto, Pineapple

What I'm Learning: 
1. This takes a lot of prep and cooking. 
2. I need to make sure I drink a lot more water.
3. I need to eat even more veggies. 
4. I need to lay off of the plantains so much. Those suckers are good. 
5. Chipotle is amazing.
6. Sugar is in everything. 
7. I always want to step on the scale in the morning and have to remind myself that I can't. 
8. I love how I wake up sore from my workouts the day before. It feels great to work my muscles. 
9. I need to not snack in the afternoon.