Ten Things I Love!

It is already another week and I can't believe it! How quickly time flies. But, alas, it is only Monday and this week is already amazing. On to the 10 Things I Love .....

1. I received my long anticipated (not really, I'm just really impatient. It arrived rather fast!) Red Velvet Art Package. Let the creating begin! I can't wait to make the planner.  

2. Getting to see this girl play a show. She is legit. I laughed so hard between songs, she's so clever and hilarious. I would die to have a stage presence like Danielle Ate the Sandwich

3. At the show, I also discovered a new band. They were soooo captivating and chill. It was such a good music night. They are a husband-wife duo called You and Yourn

(Photo By: Ryan Clark) 

Hear them HERE! 

4. All things that involve tea. It's my go to drink at night. 

5. My mom and I painted my new office (more like large closet) at work on Saturday. After playing a late, fun show on Friday, the last thing I wanted to to was get up early, but I think it was well worth it. 



6. As a musician nerd, I cannot WAIT for this movie. I think a group of us are going to make a night of it. 

(Sidenote: Jack White is the Man)

7. The fact that Ryan and I get to play this show this Friday. :)

8. Having an excuse to wear these again...it will be colder soon.

9. This place. Too bad I can't just buy a cheap plane ticket with my man and take a little trip. I've really been missing the northwest these days. 

10. This goes without being said...but this cute boy. :) 

Happy Monday! 


Yesterday, our friend told me that she had heard my song on the local college radio station. I've also heard the station play two different songs of my mine as well today! It's a strange feeling to hear yourself on the radio, even if it is just a local college radio station. 

Help me out! Go request to hear Baily Stauffer played on KCSU of Fort Collins. It would mean the world to me! 

20 Questions....

I found this idea on LA's blog...thought I would join in! 
1. Show us the inside of something cute
 (I don't know if this counts, but the inside of my house is my favorite. I love coming home.) 

2. What's the last homecooking you had?
Stir Fry with the Hubby. 

3. What do you miss? (alive)
 I miss every aspect of this photo. The people, the freedom, the ocean. 

4. What makes you laugh often?

These gentleman. 

5. What's your favorite word?
Holy Hawkins. It doesn't need further explanation. :) 

6. What are you trying to quit?

Who am I kidding? We know my love for the bean will never cease. 

7. What's your favorite commercial right now?
She just gets cooler everyday.

8. Whose style do you dig?

9. Link to a great blog you've discovered lately...
  • I love her style, fashion sense, and posts. Very inspiring. :) 
10. What's the last craft you made
  • I've always been more of a photo taking kind of gal. But I did just order this and couldn't be more stoked about it. I can't wait. I'm also getting a massive itch to take up scrapbooking and knitting! 
11. A photo of the last happy mail you got :]
  • I don't even remember the last time I received snail mail that wasn't a bill. I need to change that! 
12. Something you've got lately?

My husband bought me this for my birthday. We found it at a flea market. I haul everything in it! 

13. What are you looking forward to?
Embracing all things fall. :) 

14. Post a recent snapshot of yourself.

15. Recent Favorite Movie?

16. Something you're working on right now?
Sitting down and doing this more. Much more. 

17. If a movie were made about you, who would play you?

18. What gives you goosebumps?
Whenever I get to do this. Seriously. I love it. 

19. Share a new obsession.
Do you see a pattern? Adore this show, this era, and this fashion. 

20. What's the meaning of your life?
To love and to create. It's as simple and as complicated as that. 

Stir Fry and Red Velvet Art

(My adorable husband and I. Notice the massive dents in my cheeks. I used to hate those dimples with undying passion when I was a kid.) 

I'm finally beginning to not feel like death and was able to go to work today. I love my life. Seriously. I am immensely blessed by job, my husband, and nights where we can just chill and rent a movie. It's nights like this when we make our favorite dish....STIR FRY! So good. It is nice to cook a meal, which we don't do nearly enough. And by cook a meal, I mean, my husband takes care of most of the cooking and I'm in charge of the brown rice. :) 

And in some EVEN MORE exciting news.....I made a couple purchases today that make me want to jump out of my seat and start creating stuff. One blog that I have been following for a long time now is A Beautiful Mess, the blog home of Elsie. She is so inspiring and I finally decided to purchase some of her awesome creations. I can't wait to receive them in the mail. 
From Red Velvet Art.....

And on the wish list......

Christmas is coming...Right? :) 

This Friday...

I've been stuck in my house all day with this stupid flu bug. I'm about ready to break out into the open and go enjoy all of this fall weather. I'm dying for a cup of coffee as well....its been two whole days. Two days. That's far too many as far as I'm concerned. 


This friday I have the immense pleasure of being a part of a record release party for some new found musical friends, as well as play with the other band I'm in called The Nurses. I will be playing a few songs with Post Paradise as well, whose record will be released that night. 
*Sidenote: I actually took this photograph for Post Paradise. It's nice to have some of my photo work popping up in different places. :) 

I know I've mentioned this before, but I really love playing in this band. They're practicing this evening and I'm too sick to make the drive and practice. Major bummer. I HAVE TO GET HEALTHY!!! I'm behind at work now and with a show coming up in a few days, this flu needs to just disappear, for good! 

Swine Flu, Rain, Ross, and Paper Heart

Last night, Ryan and I went and saw Paper Heart. So cute. :) 

Yesterday also involved a shopping trip to one of my favorites, Ross. I can find more deals here than anywhere else most of the time. I picked up two new dresses that I can't wait to pair with some leggings, boots, scraves, and cardigans. I'm always stretching the "business casual" lines of my job. :) And I bought these for under 40 bucks. Score. 

On a crappier note, I currently sit at home, sick as a dog. Swine flu anyone?? I was feeling gross all weekend and went to work for an hour this morning. They sent me home the second they found out half of my family had the same thing. So now I'm here. And I really want some oatmeal. Brown sugar to be exact. But, we don't have any. So, I'm currently drinking as much tea as I can get my hands on, hoping that this sore throat will go away soon. 

But, it is raining, a lot. And we all know that I love this weather. Makes me think of Longview still and how all of those days weigh heavy on my heart. But, I will forever love the rain and all the things that it stirs within my soul. Too bad I'm sick and can't just go hang out at a coffeehouse all day and write, dream, plan. It's days like this when my entrepreneur soul comes raging out. I have some big dreams. 

I'm off to find some soup or something. Ugh. 

My Love and I

Love my life. 

10 Things I Love

I read a lot of different blogs throughout the week. Many of them I come across do a post along these lines....10 Things I Love Sunday, Monday, Etc. So I thought I would join the bandwangon and see if I can keep up weekly. So, without further adieu,   10 Things I Love Today.....

1. Iced Soy Mochas, from this local shop of heaven. 

2. The fact that this chick is our friend, was in our wedding, and has become a youtube phenomena songwriter. 
3. The idea of learning how to knit. My mom is part of a group of girls who get together to knit and crochet once a week. I think I might look into that. 

4. Moleskin Notebooks. I'm obsessed with writing down my life's story in these. It just feels right. 

5. These clothes  from Forever 21. I need to take a road trip to this store and spend some money! (As you can see, I don't wear a ton of color.) 

6. The latest season of The Office is out on DVD. Since we don't have cable, we just wait for the latest one on DVD to come out. I hadn't realized how much I missed this hilarious show. 

7.  Zooey Daschenel. Seriously. Anything this girl touches I will see or listen to. I love that she sings in almost all of her movies and has killer style. 

8. Playing solo shows. I forgot how difficult they were, but I really miss doing them. Last night was wonderful. I love connecting with people about life and songwriting. 

9. Playing keys in this band of amazing gentleman

10. The fact that this keyboard is now officially mine. We sent in the last payment this week. 

Happy Sunday!