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Baby Sullivan | Week Nineteen

We have all been a little under the weather for what seems like weeks now. It finally hit me and I still have the sore throat to prove it. Marin is currently a snot factory and Sullivan is really congested. He definitely isn't a fan of the infamous nose sucker. Colds are always enjoyable to begin with and then you add in the fact that your children can not really blow their noses on their own and even more fun begins. 

But, here we are. Week nineteen. I'm ready for all of us to be healthy once more. I feel like once one of us finally kicks the bug, the others aren't too far behind. It's a constant cycle every year it feels like. I'm just trying to make sure everyone washes their hands like crazy lately and I'm diffusing essential oils like a madwoman. When you are a parent, you don't really get sick days. I walked around work on Sunday without much of a voice. We also sang songs at Marin's school today, lots of turkey themed tunes. I'm at that point in this cold where I get a tickle in my throat and can't seem to quit coughing. That definitely happened at music time this morning, but oh well. It is what it is. We also now have sang multiple versions of If You're Happy & You Know It but just with different lyrics. We sang about a chicken today too. One that laid an egg. Oh, preschool. You are fun. 

We still haven't started Sullivan on any solids yet. I need to bring the high chair up from the basement. I think part of me isn't quite ready for him to be growning up so fast. I also secretly am trying to keep my kitchen clean-ish for just a little while longer. Good bye, semi-clean floor...at least for a while. 

He's out growing many things already, way faster than his big sister did. Pretty soon, we will sell the beloved baby swing. His little feet are already dangling over the edge. I love that thing. It can either be just a bouncer that can moved anywhere or a swing. He's outgrown so many outfits. His adorable chunky thighs cannot fit in the Bumbo at all any more. We will need to switch him to a different car set fairly soon. Slow down, son. Slow down.


We also are in the process of buying another minivan. I feel like we are coming full circle all of a sudden again. A few years ago, we bought a mom van.  This was before we even had any children. We used it to haul all of our music gear to shows. The back seat of that van was hardly ever in the vehicle and mostly remained in our garage. A few years after that, we sold the van and bought a Dodge Journey.  That was my sad attempt to rid myself of the mom van. I love my Dodge Journey but now that we have two kids I'm realizing how much I miss the van....go figure. There's two things I miss the most....SLIDING DOORS and all of the space. Getting two children into car seats in our one car garage without sliding doors is a comical sight to be seen. We found an awesome 2015 Kia Sedona that we are hoping to purchase tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed and I will soon be rocking the mom van once more. This one is super nice and all black. I feel like that color ups the cool factor. I'll just keep telling myself that. 

Portrait Three

As part of my 32 Things Before 32 List, I am attempting to take one self-portrait per month. This one is for the month of October. We are already over a week into November but I remembered to take this photograph on the very last day of October. The 31st, Halloween day. 

This picture makes me feel a lot of things, much like to the two previous portraits I've taken in this series. I embarked upon another Whole 30 in the month of October in an effort to take back my relationship with food and how I approach my meals, how I feel about my body, and how I want to live out my life in the realm of dieting or not dieting. This Whole 30 has been probably the easiest round that I've done. If you don't know what a Whole 30 consists of...you do not eat any grains, sugar, alcohol, legumes, or dairy for 30 days. I've completed one other in its entirety and have tried to do a few others but never made it fully to the end. With this one though, I had an accountability group with two other gals that I've known for a long time. We would text each other usually about every day with how we were doing. They weren't doing the Whole 30 but some variation of healthy eating, gluten free, etc. It was nice to have that accountability. The other thing that helped me so much was my Instant Pot. Cheesy, I know....but meal prepping was soooo, soooo much easier this time around with that awesome tool. 

When I look at this photo though I see a mom that is tired. I want a piece of cheese and some wine to go with it. Perhaps a big piece of chocolate. I'm sick of eating the chicken in the dish on the table, the same chicken that I burnt almost to the point of no return the night before. I ate a lot of meat with a lot of mustard over the past 30 days and I was pretty much over it. But, I also feel like super woman on day 30 of the challenge. I feel like I can take on the world and my jeans fit better. I like the person that is looking back at me in the mirror in the morning even when I don't have make up on and I have bed head to last for days. 

It's lunch on Halloween day. There's too much chocolate already in the house that's constantly a temptation. I am on the home stretch right before nap time and quiet time when I will be able to have some peace and quiet if only for a little while. This is usually the point when the kids are tired and irritable. I work to get Marin to eat the crust of her sandwich and most of the time Sully sits in my lap because he's fussy and getting ready for a nap. 

I feel empowered in this photo even without make up on and in my yoga pants. I eat my burnt chicken with a determination. I try to be a better mom and not spend my days just being exhausted and frustrated when my preschooler challenges me and refuses to be a good listener. I feed our son from my body and help him grow big and strong. 

This was me in October of 2017. 

Portrait Three. 

Baby Sullivan | Week Eighteen

It's a winter wonderland outside and both kiddos are in their rooms taking a nap or having their quite time. Marin is pretty worn out from playing in the snow at preschool and I'm just hoping she crawls into bed and sleeps for a while. Usually on preschool days, I get lucky and she naps for even just a bit. The time change has kind of thrown all of us a bit off this week but we seem to be getting back into the nap groove again. Granted, I want to go to bed at 8pm every night the past few nights. I really dislike how dark it is so early nowadays and I just want to stay inside all of the time and drink my coffee under some blankets. 

Sullivan had his 4 month well check yesterday and he is a growing boy! His weight clocked in at 18 lbs, 11.8 oz. I cannot believe how big he already is. He's wearing mostly 6-9 month clothes right now and still is in size 3 diapers. He's also pretty tall but is in the 80-90th percentile for weight, height, and head circumference. We got the clear to start introducing some cereal and baby food in the next month or so. With Marin, we hardly did any rice cereal because of the lack of nutritional benefit and we will probably do the same with little dude. It's pretty crazy to me that we are already almost to the point of digging out the high chair from the basement. 

We've been doing lots of tummy time and Sullivan grows stronger every day. He has not rolled over quite yet though but seems so close. I think part of it is that he is so dang big that getting himself to roll over is quite the task. We will keep working on it though and I'm sure he will surprise us one day and just roll on over. 

Rocking his "My Mom Rocks" outfit at the church nursery. 
He's been sleeping really well lately and I'm thanking Jesus for that. We moved his bedtime up to 7pm and it seems to be working really well. On good days, we get him down for consistent nap times and that helps him so much. He's such a chill, awesome little dude to begin with but when he's getting good sleep, he's in such a good place. 

We escaped to a toddler free lunch on Monday. 
This snow makes me want to put on some Christmas music and get out the decorations...I'll wait a little while longer...maybe. Last year, everything was up before Thanksgiving. I love this time of year and having the decorations up for as long as possible is always a favorite part of this time of year. I'm almost done with Christmas shopping as well....just need to pick up a few more things. I love this time of year. Having children makes this season even more special. I love seeing it all through the eyes of a child. I want to soak it all in. 

Baby Sullivan | Week Seventeen

We are moving quickly into the world of having a 4 month old. Sullivan will be 4 months old on November 3rd. He has his 4 month well check appointment next week and I am anxious to see how much he actually weighs and to make sure that he's the healthy and growing boy that I believe he is. 

We were realizing how little he was actually napping over the last month or so. Night sleeping has been pretty decent and he wasn't fussy during the day without a lot of sleep, but I noticed how overtired he was starting to look. Poor little guy. We were always heading out to go get groceries or pick up big sis from school or...the list goes on and on. He was getting some naps but nothing substantial and was just kind of napping on the go. That's not good for a little guy his age. He needs a good schedule, one of consistency. Kiddos thrive in routine. I've seen that time and time again with Marin. 

So, we have set out the past few days to really focus on his napping and feeding schedule. I've been researching a lot of different schedules, asked a few friends, etc. We have landed on something that seems to be working fairly well. As long as we begin our day with naps in mind, it seems to go fairly well. His only issue lately is that he wakes up about half way through his nap time, stirs and maybe cries a bit, but then usually goes back down for a while longer. 

We've also moved his bedtime up earlier. I was feeding him around 9:00pm/9:30pm and then putting him down for bed. We now have moved it up to between 7pm and 8pm. Granted, we've had some 3:30am feedings, but I'm ok with it. I can go to bed earlier because I am old if he goes down earlier as well. I have no issues with getting up at 3am to feed him because I usually don't have any trouble falling back to sleep and most of the time, neither does he. 

Right now, he is napping 3 times a day. The third one is usually more of a catnap around dinner time. We have set aside a good nap time in the morning and in the afternoon. I pretty much feel like super woman when Marin is having her quiet time and Sullivan is in the next room over napping. Every nap is a process. We are learning his cues and he is learning how to self-soothe himself to sleep. 

Week Sixteen.