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Baby Sullivan | Week Twenty Seven & Twenty Eight

I am playing catch up.....I have fallen behind. So, we are going to do two weeks in one post. This will cover last week and this week. Week twenty-seven and twenty-eight of Mr. Sullivan James Hollen. I've been down for the count yesterday and today with a stomach flu and am just now starting to feel like a human once more. I think my body was trying to tell me to slow down a bit because I've been running at warp speed for what feels like weeks. Sometimes I need to be knocked down by a being sick to slow myself down a bit. That's probably not the best way to find some rest but here we are. 

Sully had his 6 month well check appointment last Monday. As predicted, he's growing a lot and is the 90th percentiles for just about everything. He currently clocks in at 20lbs, 10.9oz. He is 2'3" tall and his head circumference is in the 95th percentile for his age. He has a big head. He's growing like crazy. He checked out as a healthy, growing boy. He got a few shots, which is never fun. They definitely effected his mood and sleep for a few days and I always hate going through that with our babies. He's finally back to his normal, cheerful self. 

We have also been having solids at most meals in the day. He is such a champ. He's pretty obsessed with his spoon. We have been mostly feeding him purees with some solids that he can gnaw on like bananas and avocados. He also really likes Baby Mum Mum's which are a rice teething snack. So far we have tried carrots, sweet potatoes, banana, and apple purees. I don't think we will have any issues with him being a good eater. His appetite is growing as quickly as he is. 

One other milestone that we hit this week was sitting up well on his own. He has the nursing pillow behind him just in case, but he sits upright and plays to his heart's content. Now if we could just get him to roll over consistently. That's the one thing that he hasn't done a ton of yet. The pediatrician said since he's so big it might be tough for him to get the hang of it. I've been trying to do a lot of floor time still to urge him into rolling over. 

He's been waking up a lot lately throughout the night, at least once, if not twice. Mama is getting pretty tired....I'm wondering if he's eating enough before bed. He keeps wanting to wake up for a little snack. He also soaks his diapers and I think that is waking him up too. I'm just taking each night as it comes and trying to solidify a good bedtime routine. I also know that many babies go through a sleep regression at 6 months and that's very well what we may be living in at the moment. One night at a time. 

Phew. All caught up now. I'll try to not get so behind again! 

Here's Marin at Twenty Seven & Twenty Eight Weeks. 

Baby Sullivan | Week Twenty Six (6 months!)

I should have posted this blog days ago but this week has been a crazy one. I cannot quite fathom that it's already Saturday and the week starts over already tomorrow. Sunday will come swiftly, of that I am sure. This past week was the beginning of a new year. New goals, new dreams, new hopes. I am a true sucker for resolutions or goal making. I'll be posting a One Little Word for 2018 sometime soon as soon as I solidly land on my word for the new year. 

At work, we always take the last Sunday of the year off. I am so grateful for that time to just breathe, refocus, and rest. We spent quite a few days in our pajamas, slowly taking down Christmas decorations and trying to put our house back to some sort of normal. 

Wednesday was my first official work day back in the office. I actually had to put make up on and look somewhat presentable. Wednesday was also the day that Sully turned 6 months old. 6 months! We are half way through his first year and I feel like in the past few days, he has grown leaps and bounds. We started to slowly introduce solids with some purees and some baby lead weaning finger foods. I was only doing this once a day or so but lately he is so into it and seems hungry so we have been experimenting with some different foods lately. Little dude is getting so big, so fast! He loves food so far just as much as he has loved breastfeeding. I am super thankful for that and hope to carry on through this year with a good eater. 

Sullivan has his 6 month appointment on Monday and as always, I'm curious about how much he weighs. I know he's still growing but he seems to be leaning out a bit and growing taller. He's still larger for his age and I love it. 

Marin goes back to preschool next week and our lives will continue as usual. I started the Whole30 again a few days ago and as long as I plan and prep well, it isn't super difficult. I'm working on my goals and word for the year. I'm ready to get our house in order once more and go through every closet and cranny. I love the fresh start of a new year. I love where we are at with Sully and how everyday is so new and fun. 

Marin hated this nutcracker but now won't let me put it away. Goober. 
Week Twenty Six. 

Portrait Five

As part of my 32 Things Before 32 List, I am attempting to take one self-portrait per month. This one is for the month of December. Yet again, just like the months before, we are already into the beginning of the next month. 

I am now five portraits in on this series and I feel a certain level of frustration whenever I embark upon taking the next photograph. I am usually the one behind the camera lens, not in front of it. I hate to admit how many photos I took to land on this one for photograph number five. This past year has not been kind to my view of myself and I always feel like a photograph never really lies to you. But, here we are. Number five. 

I'm ready for a new year and a refreshed view of who I am. I spent half of last year pregnant and the other half trying to find my footing as a mom to two littles. I feel like I have spent the last 365 days caring for most everyone other than myself. Sure, I did a Whole 30 in October which gave me some light but other than that, I am sleep deprived and haven't taken very good care of myself. That's what I see in this photograph: a tired mom that has poured into everyone else's cup before my own. I am realizing, ever so slowly, that you can't pour from an empty cup. 

Let me say that again...

You cannot pour from an empty cup. 

I always love new years and how the world goes into goal setting mode. I make my lists and really start allowing myself to dive into my dreams. There's one thing I know for certain as we head into 2018, I must take care of myself as well. I'm not totally sure what this looks like yet but I'm willing to ask the hard questions to get there. I'm willing to work on setting aside the time to take care of myself and find rest. I want to be my very best for the people that I do life with. I want to feel good in my own skin. 

Portait Five. 

Hollen Holidays | Christmas 2017

Christmas has already come and gone this year and I'm left with a bunch of boxes sitting under the tree that still need to be cleaned up. But, boy...was it a good one. So good, that I hardly took any photos this year. I've decided that is a good sign of how the day went. I hate being so attached to my phone all of the time and I'm truly trying to work on putting it down and living our lives. Yes, I like to document many things but constantly having my phone in my family's face really doesn't help anyone. Anyways...

Marin and I did get some of our Christmas baking in this year. We made reindeer chow again, the same as last year. We were planning on making cookies as well but didn't quite get to those. Now I have a ton of Hersey kisses sitting in my pantry. Darn. That's a such a bad problem to have, right? Marin loves baking only if she can sneak chocolate chips and help me stir the contents of the bowl. She also likes being able to accessorize with a cute apron. I also have been trying all season to get her to watch Elf and she finally said that she wanted to. I love that movie. We've watched it too many times now, but at least she was down for it this year. 

Christmas Eve was a blur and both of us had to work. Marin had a slumber party at the grandparents house the night before. Working for a church, I had a long day ahead of me that started at about 6:30am and didn't really end until about 7:00pm that night. I had a little break in the middle there to go home, try and eat something, and head right back to work. Ryan also worked all day but was able to make it to the evening service. Since Christmas Eve landed on a Sunday, we have 3 services. Two in the morning and a Christmas Eve service at night. Everything went smoothly and the day really wasn't as tiring as I had expected. I did hit almost 20,000 steps that day. Ouch feet. 

The next morning started nice and early thanks to Marin waking early. We opened gifts from each other and the ones that we bought for the kiddos. Marin's biggest wish was a Barbie House, which she didn't get from us. She kept asking about it like..."I did ask Santa for it...so where is it?!" Oh, kiddo. That's not always how it works. But, don't worry, her day ended with a Barbie House. 

After we got ready for the day, we headed to Loveland to have Christmas morning with my side of the family. The morning was filled with lots of kids, food, and opening presents. I soaked it all in and enjoyed it so much. Christmas with a bunch of kiddos around is so much better. 

That afternoon, we headed to Ryan's brother's home for chili, cinnamon rolls, and more gift unwrapping. Marin finally got her Barbie House. It was the last gift she opened that day and I thought she was going to explode with anticipation. She made it though, to the very end. 

The day was a good one. I love that all of our family is near and that we can spend our holidays with them. We ate way too much, got way too many amazing gifts, and the kids both fell asleep on the drive back to our home. Our kids have enough toys to last them through a few years at this point. So many toys. Marin is in heaven. Sully is a little to young to realize that he got a bunch of cool stuff, but Big Sis is making sure his toys also get played with. 

Merry Christmas to you and yours. Until next year...