A Baby Shower for Baby Marin

On December 7th, my wonderful family threw me an amazing baby shower. I am just now getting to post about it. 

I was completely overwhelmed most of the morning by all of of the people and all of the gifts, but it was a wonderful day. We decorated onesies and played a game where you had to guess what baby photo went with what guest. There was a lot of breakfast casseroles and of course my requested donuts. 

I apologize for not posting any of the pictures we took in groups. None of them turned out really well and frankly, I'm just so huge and pregnant. And this is my blog, I post what I want. ;) 

Needless to say, I have plenty of inspiration to lose the baby weight after I have this little bundle of joy. 

What? I'm just being real here. 

And I like donuts right now. 


We talk about real things here. And donuts. Sprinkled donuts. 

Thank you to everyone that put the shower on and all of you that attended. Ryan and I are very blessed by all of you. Baby Marin has a village behind her and I am incredibly thankful for that!