It's the Weekend | Number Twelve

It's Saturday. We had a pretty crazy spring storm over the past few days. It was wet, super heavy snow. Lots of tree branches have broken all through our neighborhood. I also now how a lovely crack all the way across my windshield. Bummer...... that will need to be replaced at some point. There was a little rock pot in it and I think turning on my defroster and the weight of the snow created the crack. Not awesome. It was quite a change from our 85 degree weather we've been having. Colorado weather is never dull. 

My baby shower for this little dude is this evening and I'm excited to celebrate this little man. I have 6 Sundays left before my maternity leave. That's what happens when you work for a church, you count your schedule in Sundays. It's all coming very quickly. I need to get the nursery done. It will all happen in good time. 

This week, I've been researching some fun activities for kids and reading about the transition to two children. I read about living a mediocre life. There's few recipes in there and some tips on bullet journaling. 

Budget-friendly summer activities for kids. 

Transitioning from one to two kids

Remember Myspace Tom? He's a photographer that travels the world now. 

What if I want a mediocre life? A good read. 

These friends document their lives 3191 miles apart. 

I want to make this pasta salad and bake this almond butter bread. 

How to start a Bullet Journal. 

Have a great weekend! 

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