Currently Clicking: Week #24

Each and every week, I gather links of all of the places I have been perusing in the great, grand internet. There are plenty of people out there doing big things and small things. Some of these are practical, some are inspiring. This week I remember how much I like Mike Rowe. I am still obsessed with the idea of having so much less stuff. I have found some salad tips but also some different ways to enjoy mac n' cheese. I've spent a good deal of time lately researching making my own baby food. And finally, we all need some tips on how to make it through mondays every once in a while.......

 photo 0acbc3fb3addb740108700c4c9dd1fd7_zps14e7f3a4.jpg
  1. We are Mike Rowe fans in our household. I will always remember the day I was in labor, we watched countless episodes of Dirty Jobs before going to the hospital. Rowe also has a way of looking at the way we work and why in a way I can respect and promote. Here are 12 Points in Mike Rowe's S.W.E.A.T Pledge- Exactly What Americans Need To Regain Its Can-Do Spirit.  My favorite: Don't chase your passion, take it with you. 
  2. I need to reignite my "getting rid of stuff" flame once more. I had great drive for two weeks and need to get back on track. I need this....Let it Go: How to Let Yourself Finally Get Rid of Things.  This week my goal is to go through our office closet and bookcase. I can do this. I am always looking for more ways to simplify our lives. Here are 5 blogs to help you lead a minimalist lifestyle. 
  3. During my work week, I have been trying to eat a salad for lunch everyday. It keeps things light and healthy. I am always looking for different salad recipes or way to approach the process. Here is a round up of salad making tips. I also made roasted chickpeas last week to put in my salads. It was a nice change of pace. 
  4. I am going to try my hand at making baby food this week. Marin is all about the spoon lately and really isn't too keen yet on feeding herself (i.e. Baby Led Weaning.) I've been researching this like crazy. Making your own is cheaper, healthier, and you know exactly what is in your baby's food. Here are some of the resources I've been using this week. The Baby Food Breakdown.  How to make a week's worth of baby food in one hour. Removing the "huh?" out of starting solid foods.  Baby Food 101. 
  5. I needed this this week. Marin was up way, way, way too early on Monday morning. Joy the Baker's 11 Ways to Get Through This Monday. 
  6. Who doesn't like mac n' cheese? I recall being very pregnant and having cravings for the stuff. Here are 10 ways to unhand Annie's Mac & Cheese. Yum.  

The Everyday

I want to make a point to capture moments throughout our week, however mundane or extraordinary. This also forces me to take my camera with me more often instead of using my iPhone to take pictures all of the time. These are little moments. I want to remember each and every one for what they are and what we felt during that small sliver of time. Time is fleeting. 

 photo everyday1_zpsd5d26181.jpg
(Sweet potato tots can cure all things.) 

 photo everyday2_zpsec075dee.jpg
(A new experience. Solid-ish foods.) 

 photo everyday3_zps09f31a80.jpg
(The sun on my face, the grass underneath my feet.) 

 photo everyday3_zps05636f28.jpg
(How I've been beginning every morning.)

 photo everyday6_zps9dc29742.jpg
(unclear vision) 

 photo everyday5_zps8309f665.jpg
(A promise and declaration. No turning back now.) 

 photo everyday4_zps0c1e6ec8.jpg
(Early morning storms.) 

Hollen Photography: OUR NEW WEBSITE!

This has been a long, long time coming, but we have been working very hard to launch a website for our business. We can't wait to share it with you! We also can't wait to be able to take photographs for you!

 photo photoheading_zps6eed6ae3.png

ABOUT US......

We are a husband and wife photography duo that specialize in capturing the special events in your life, your home, and out in your community.

Our roots are in Fort Collins, CO. As of this year, we have begun to add to our family with the welcoming of a little girl. We have a feisty cat named Geoff. 
Capturing memories is our thing. We want you to be able to look back years from now and remember the little details of your wedding that you so meticulously planned out. Every toast. Every first dance. Every moment. 
We want to give you the photographs that will help aid in the selling of your home. We believe that good real estate photography can make or break a listing. 
We want to be there for the senior photos. We want to be there on your big day. We want to capture your band doing what they love.  We want to help portray the essence of your home. We want to photograph the details that you don't want to forget. 
Thank you for viewing our portfolio. If you would like to contact us about working with you, please email us at For more information on the services we offer, click on the Services & Prices tab. 

 photo photo1_zps2f16462a.jpg
to check out the new site. Let us know if you have questions at all! We can't wait to work with you. 

Baby Marin: Week Twenty Seven

 photo week27_zps39e59935.jpg

I've been really trying to make a point in the last week or so to slow down and take time to focus on Marin. Of course my focus is always on her in some capacity, but I'm realizing the importance of not always having my hands in ten other projects while taking care of our child. The days I spend with her are precious. She is growing quickly and every moment counts. I feel like I need to show her the world. I feel like I need to open up everything that I can for her and allow her discover everything that is around her, even in the mundane everyday where I haven't changed out of my yoga pants and my idea of makeup is a little bit of water proof mascara and some lip gloss.

 photo week272_zps49f046bc.jpg photo week273_zps94b509e7.jpg

I am thankful that in this season of our lives, I get to work from home for a good chunk of my week. Being in the office three days a week has been a gift and I need to not take it lightly. I have four days at home with Marin. Now that she is starting to become somewhat mobile and seems to be reaching new milestones every single day, I'm realizing that importance of getting out of the house. I want to go for walks with her. I want her to experience what grass feels like for the first time and hear the birds and feel the sun. I want her to not be confined to a play mat or highchair. I want her to learn new things and see new things everyday.

 photo week275_zps2b961445.jpg photo week271_zpsd1dfce0e.jpg

That is my new mission. It was there before but not in the same capacity that it is now. There truly is a whole new world out there for her to experience and I want to help aid in that discovery.

 photo week274_zps0769d950.jpg

Week 27. 

Currently Clicking: Week #23

Each and every week, I gather links of all of the places I have been perusing in the great, grand internet. There are plenty of people out there doing big things and small things. Some of these are practical, some are inspiring. This week we are reaching deep into how to live an exceptional life and have gratitude. There's a new coffee house in town that I didn't know about. I am thinking about baby proofing and trying to find ways to make it look better. Then, of course, I've thrown in a cookie recipe, because why not? 
     photo 10570182_786609161390142_166228894_n_zps9e3c91a5.jpg

  1. I think this is a reminder that all of us need sometimes, especially when life isn't full of adventure but is full of routine and putting down roots somewhere. How to live an exceptional life, even when life doesn't feel exceptional. 
  2. On the same track, wasting time is not something I am fond of. I have had many an afternoon wasting away in front of the television,  binge watching Netflix. Don't Waste A Moment. 
  3. First of all, I love coffee. Second of all, I had no idea this coffee house even existed in my own backyard. I think what they are doing is neat. Colorado Coffee Shop Employing Homeless People Is 'Opening Up the Eyes' of Its Community.  I will need to go check it out sometime. 
  4. Before we know it, our little gal will be mobile. I think baby gates are necessary but not very cool looking, decor wise. Here is a DIY red door, baby gate. I think it's great! 
  5. These chocolate dipped, peanut butter cookies look great! 
  6. A shift in perspective is always good. We can get caught in stuff that really just doesn't matter. Give Me Gratitude or Give Me Debt. 

Baby Marin: Week 26 (6 months!)

As of monday, Marin is 6 months old. The fact that we are already half way through her first year is astounding and shocking to me. I truly cannot believe how quickly time is passing. Six months ago, I was wanting nothing more than to go into labor and meet our little girl. Now she is almost sitting up on her own, is trying out new foods and managing to get more on her than in her mouth, and blows raspberries with the best of them. We are back to sleeping mostly through the night but she does baby yoga stretches in her crib all night. Watching her on the baby monitor is pretty funny at times. 
Baby Marin at 6 Months:

 photo week263_zpsf19ce69c.jpg
  • Has started trying solid foods. So far banana is the contender. We will move on to something else in a few days. 
  • I recently bought her baby bandanas to wear instead of all of the (kind of) ugly bibs she's been wearing. People are always wondering why she always has a bib on. I have one answer: DROOL. Unless you want to come to my house every 2 hours or so and change her outfit, the bib is staying. But now, she can drool in adorable style. 
  • She rolls half way across the room in the blink of an eye. Tummy time is her favorite time now. 
  • She babbles with the best of the them. She is a pro at making fart noises. 
  • We have her 6 month well check next week. I am curious as to how much she weighs now. 
 photo week261_zps721dd362.jpg

Mama and Dad at 6 Months: 
  • As of this week, I have embarked into the world of Beachbody, in an attempt to get my body back, or even better than ever. I am loving Shakeology and I ordered the Piyo workout. It's awesome. I seriously love it and actually look forward to working out. 
  • I am also making sure I take better care of myself. This morning I am treating myself (finally) to a Package of Bliss at She She. 3 hours of glorious pampering. I can hardly contain my excitement!
  • Ryan is back to having Marin all day on Wednesdays. They take trips to Best Buy. She convinces him to buy more Blu-Rays. I know their secret plan. 
  • We are going to have a date dinner this Friday, which I am looking forward to. One of the wonderful grandmas is back teaching school now and needs some Marin time. We will gladly help her out. 
  • We are half way through this photo series! I can't wait to put it all in a book that we can look at for years to come. Also, Ryan took the photos for this week! 
 photo week262_zpsa4d50c38.jpg

 photo week264_zps0f76abd0.jpg

26 weeks. 6 months old. 

Missing Music

A part of me has been dormant for over a year now. A part of me has been silent. Somedays I notice its absence, other days I am knee deep in all that life has to offer and all that parenting brings with it, that I forget to remember and look back for even just a moment. 

As of August 9th, it has been one year since I played music with my band. I was a few months pregnant at the time and my guitar still could fit over my growing belly if I tilted it to the side a little bit. We played at a local coffeehouse/bookstore. The faces of our friends and family looked back at us from comfy couches and tables filled with coffee and scones and good beer. 

 photo band1_zpsa0953ae8.jpg

During that evening, I wasn’t fully aware that it would be the last time that I would play those songs with those wonderful people for a long time. Originally, we were planning on playing a show in October but then we faced some complications with little Marin and I was way too stressed and worried to play a show. My belly was probably too large then anyway. Playing guitar pregnant is a pretty interesting task. 

 photo band6_zpsb29bffc8.jpg

I wish I would have known that it would be the last time, at least for a while. I want to go back and hold all of that evening closer than I did. We had just started introducing a bunch of new songs, none of which have been recorded to this day. I don’t want to lose them. I want to hold on to them with everything within me. 

Playing music is like nothing else that I have ever experienced. There is no other aspect of my life that can be so freeing yet so focused all at the same time. I get the opportunity to completely let go but also share intense parts of who I am and the experiences I write about. There is nothing else like it. 

Parenting truly changes everything. Becoming a mom has shifted my focus almost completely away from myself to this little baby that can’t care for herself. I have gone through more physical, mental, and spiritual changes in the past 6 months than I have in most of my life. I don't regret any of it. 

 photo band2_zps0f60438f.jpg

I don’t want this to be the end of my music. I believe it was placed in me for a reason. I also believe that we go through certain seasons where you must lay certain things down in order to embrace something new. I believe I am in that season. 

 photo band5_zps9f4c86e4.jpg 

I will play again. In what capacity, I truly don’t know. But, if you are reading this and you were a part of the music we played, just know that I don’t want to be gone forever. I want to be able to call you up randomly and we can go play a show. I want those late nights talking about life on the back porch mid-practice when we all just need a break. I want the feeling of coming together as a team and creating a piece of art that none of us could do just by ourselves. I want to be able to play the same bridge over and over again until we get our parts just right. 

 photo band7_zpsf4b8ffe3.jpg

I miss you guys. I miss the feeling of guitar strings and calluses. I miss singing to the point of waking up the next day and hardly having a voice. I miss the ability to let go. I miss the insatiable need to create something of worth. 

I hope one day we can all continue on this journey together even though we all find ourselves in so many different seasons. I hope one day we can capture what we created in a record. 

I don't need to be famous. I don't need to travel the world playing music. I just want to do this with people that are in it for the same reasons I am: because we don't know how to function in life without it and know that when we aren't playing music something is missing. 

Currently Clicking: Week #22

Each and every week, I gather links of all of the places I have been perusing in the great, grand internet. There are plenty of people out there doing big things and small things. Some of these are practical, some are inspiring. This week I am drooling over another home tour and I'm super excited about a particular novel. I stumbled across a list of things to do in New York City. I am still dreaming of smaller, sustainable living. I am really liking the idea of: work hard, work smart. To top it all off, I've added a tutorial for us shorter haired gals. 

 photo tumblr_n4lucsxqyE1r5xpw1o1_1280_zpsf87151f0.jpg
  1. I love absolutely everything about this home tour: the dark walls, open staircase, wall paper, exposed wood beams. All of it is awesome. 
  2. It's no secret to most that I am a big nerd when it comes to the X-files. To add to my nerdom, I found out that Gillian Anderson, aka Scully, wrote a sic-fi novel. I might have to get this. And nerd out. 
  3. We have dreams of traveling more in a few years when our child(ren) are older. I've never been to New York City and would love to spend a few days there. What if you only have one day? Here's are 15 things to do in New York City in just one day. 
  4. I still can't get enough of the idea of living in a smaller, more sustainable home. I hate sitting here typing this surrounded by all of our STUFF and daydreaming about a simple life and simpler mortgage. Here are 10 Sustainable Homes That Will Have You Itching For A Simpler Life. 
  5. I like to get stuff done. I am generally way too busy. Here are 7 Things You Need To Stop Doing To Be More Productive, Back By Science. Everything about this article is so great. I am all for the naps as well. Work hard, work smart. 
  6. I need this tutorial in my life. How to: Beach Waves for Short Hair. I love this look. 

Baby Marin: Week Twenty Five

This time, next week, our little gal will be 6 months old. I can't even believe it. To say that time has flown would still be a understatement. I don't know where it has all gone. There are so many times lately where I feel like I was just huge and pregnant, waiting for Marin to arrive, 10 days later than my due date. The waiting game made it seem like time had stopped completely. Fast forward twenty five weeks and I have a baby that is growing up so fast!

 photo week25_zps363ae04f.jpg

In the past few days alone, I feel like a whole other side of her has blossomed. She has really found her voice. So many noises come from her on a very consistent basis now. Lots of raspberries are being made from her cute, little lips. In the blink of an eye, she rolls herself halfway across the room. I have to watch MUCH CLOSER now than before. She's a quick one. She's a noisy one. She's making our lives more interesting every single day. I love it.

 photo week251_zps5c62a14b.jpg

We've tried some solid food here and there but so far her interest has been minimal at best. She hasn't quite decided if she is a fan of bananas yet. She does enjoy chilling in her high chair a lot, which helps me actually cook real food while she hangs out with me in the kitchen. Her only mission while in her chair is to throw every single toy from her tray to the floor. I think her inspiration comes from watching my parents play fetch with their doggies. Marin sees and Marin does and she finds it very funny.

 photo week253_zps6d531ec4.jpg

Everyday is a new adventure. I hate leaving her when I go to work because she is just becoming so fun each and every day. She also wears me out so much on the days I get to spend all of my time with her. We've had a lot of pretty early mornings lately but she is back to sleeping mostly through the night and I am forever thankful for that.

 photo week252_zps8564eb08.jpg

A never ending adventure.

Week Twenty Five.

Currently Clicking: Week #21

Each and every week, I gather links of all of the places I have been perusing in the great, grand internet. There are plenty of people out there doing big things and small things. Some of these are practical, some are inspiring. This week I am continuing to strive for more simplicity, sustainability, and minimalism in our lives...with a child. I am on a new kick, ok---let's say obsession, with an idea of buying land and living in a modular home. I stumbled across 20 hacks for the house for parents and a great outside rug solution. 

 photo day286_lowres_zps0f10aaca.jpg
  1. I've been striving for more simplicity in our lives and in our home. Having a minimalist mentality is one of the things on my 29 Things List.  So far I've gone through a dresser in our office and the filing cabinet. With an almost 6 month old around, I call that an achievement. Anything I can read about minimalism and organizing, I do. Here is a great post about having a minimalist mentality with a family.  Here's another one as well. 
  2. As far as seeking simplicity, here you can read up on switching over to using natural, personal care products. Here is another post with 4 ideas of living simply. Some are a little extreme for me, but most I could gel with. Here is a one last post about budget living. 
  3. I'm on a new house kick or idea, per say. I want to buy land and then place a prefab/modular home on the land. I do not want a mobile home. Prefab & Modular have come a long way. Look at this eye candy: here, here, here, and here.  I think that would be so cool. You could then get the home you want, where you want. Prefabs are usually a better cost, more sustainable, and take way less time to build. 
  4. Every mom and dad need some parenting hacks along the way. Here are 20 Hacks for the House. 
  5. When I first saw this back yard redo, I didn't realize that the rug wasn't actually a rug. Here is DIY Paint Your Own Rug Project. I kind of love it. 

The Numbers Are In: No Spend July

The numbers are in and No Spend July came to an end a few days ago. What I have seemed to discover in the midst of this experiment is that....wait for it.....


 photo nospend2_zpsf8c72091.jpg

Even in the midst of behaving myself and not spending money on Amazon, going out to eat at work, or further encouraging my latte habit, I still feel like we have been taking one step forward and eight steps back financially.

Hospital bills are killing us.

In the month of July we also both had to pay for our car plates & registration. I renewed my license.

I had people clean my house for one glorious month. That has now come to an end because we just can't afford it. I'm back to scrubbing my toilets like a normal person once more. It was nice while it lasted. I will look back and remember it fondly.

 photo nospend3_zps246ab177.jpg

To be honest, I caved a few times. I'm just going to put that out there.

One day, I bought a chicken sandwich at Chick-fil-a. I was heading home to edit a real estate photo shoot and wanted nothing more than that sandwich. And waffle fries.

On the very last day of the challenge, we went through the Starbucks drive-thru.

I also ordered two things from Amazon but will argue that they were necessary. We ordered these for the crib because of my child's gymnastic and aerobatic abilities. We also ordered this teether because times are getting rough around here. Drooly & tough.

 photo nospend1_zps228498a1.jpg

What are we going to do moving forward?

I probably need to start couponing again or use something like this.

Still no more Amazon. JUST SAY NO.

We are going to try and start paying our mortgage bi-weekly instead of once a month. We aren't hit so hard at the beginning of the month with a mortgage payment that pretty much empties out our bank account and we freak out until Ryan gets paid on Wednesdays. It also will help us pay off our mortgage faster in the long run.

Baby steps. Maybe I should do a no spend year? 

What are some of your financial habits? 

I would love to know. 

Baby Marin: Week Twenty Four

I have two words for you: SLEEP REGRESSION.

 photo week24_zpsd7bac8de.jpg

I knew that all of those posts of me rambling on about how my child sleeps through the night would probably come back to kick me later. We have found ourselves in the midst of a growth spurt and a squirrely baby that wakes up A LOT. I have been reading up on things like this, because that is what I do, and nearing the 6 month mark of a baby's life they go through another growth spurt. During that growth spurt, many babies decide to switch up their sleep schedules and confuse the crap out of their parents. 

 photo week243_zpsdeaa318c.jpg

This is where we currently live. One of us goes in a few times a night to turn her around because she rolls all over the place and we put her back in place so she can fall asleep once more. There are a lot of flips and summersault-like actions occurring. Sometimes when I go to check on her because she is making more noises than usual, she is completely turned around and peeking through the railings in her crib like, "Mom, I've been waiting for you to come turn me around. How's it going?" Sleep deprived and bushy-tailed, I put her back in place only to go back in a few hours later and do the exact same thing. 

 photo week244_zps50a13762.jpg

Case and point, it's 4:30 in morning as I write these very words because I just got so sick of going in, flipping her back into place, and then trying to fall back asleep. Hello, Early Morning, I don't want to hang out with you right now. My cup of coffee next to me and Geoff the Cat are my only companions. Even Geoff is sleeping soundly in the chair next to me. Lucky Geoff. 

 photo week242_zps7eae7113.jpg

I know this is probably only a phase and I pray that it is short lived. I need the "sleep for 11 hours a night" baby back. Mommy was able to function so much more like a normal human being back then. 

Let's go back to that. 

 photo week241_zpsc5d01592.jpg

Week Twenty Four. 

29 Things Before 29: A New List!

Every year I make a list of things that I want to accomplish before my next birthday. Here's to a new year and a new list. I approached this list a bit differently than last year. Last year I was pregnant and knew we would have a little one around for a bit of that year. This year, Marin is growing up like crazy and I am just learning how to keep a handle on so many things in our lives. This list helps me accomplish that. I don't want to lose sight of our dreams.  Check back every once in a while. If I mark something off, I will usually have a link with it. 

 photo 29thingsbefore_zps03c0cd2b.jpg

+ Make grilled pizza. 
+ Fit back into my old jeans and rock them.  
+ Go to the Drive-In
+ 3 Day Juice Cleanse.
Eat Paleo. 
+ Holy Yoga.
+ Grow out my hair.
+ Take a trip to Estes for the day.
+ Pay off my van.
+ Have a minimalist mentality.
+ Redesign my blog/Complete Blog Life
+ Buy a new house.
Have one date night a month. At least.
+ Get another tattoo/have a half sleeve designed. 
+ Write & Complete 3 new songs. 
+ See the ocean.
+ Play a show with my band. As of August 9th, it has been ONE YEAR. 
+ Get back into writing Morning Pages
+ Go camping or stay in a cabin.  
+ Launch and manage a baby apparel line. 
+ Portrait/Interview Series on the blog
+ Create a coffee table book of 52 Weeks of Baby Marin Posts. 
+ Get family photos taken by an actual photographer. (not just us using a tripod.)
+ Try PiYo. 
+ Finish reading all of the books currently on my nightstand (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) and participate in this online book club. 
+ Treat myself to a Bliss Package at She She
+ Watch 4 documentaries.  
+ Buy a new Mac Book. It's time. 
+ Get a library card. 

28 Things Before 28: A Revisit

Every year I begin with a new list of things I want to accomplish for the next year. I am a list maker and love stuff like this. I pretty much eat it up. This year was no different. Granted, I didn't cross off as many as I would have hoped, but I knew that throwing in a pregnancy and a baby would probably make life interesting. Oh boy, it has been interesting! The highlighted points are what I didn't fully accomplish. I have been working on my new list and will be posting it tomorrow on my birthday. 28 was a good year. A lot of changes occurred when I was 28. I still can't believe how quickly I am making my way to 30. 

 photo 28littlethings_zps2a083a63.jpg

1. Buy more vinyl: #1   We bought one record. At least we bought one. 
3. Become reacquainted with my camera. 
4. Pay off all credit card debt (we are well on our way!) 3 down. 
5. Go to the Drive-In or to a movie all by myself 
6. Bake a pie
7. Have a garage sale  We bought a new AC unit for our window with our earnings. Hallelujah. 
8. Rejoin a gym/New workout regime 
9. Read the Dark Tower Series
10. Lose the baby weight...slowly getting there. 
12. Photo booth pics with my honey
13. Hang out with other moms  Not as much as I would like, but I haven't done really bad with this. 
14. Hire someone to clean my house for a change.  I did, for one glorious month and then realized we are way too poor. 
15. Have a weekend away. Ha ha ha ha. That's laughable. 
16. IKEA Trip
18. Splurge on a package of bliss appointment here. 
20. Cook a recipe from a new cookbook. 
22. Do the Whole 30
23. Sip and Paint  See the post HERE
24. Send out Christmas cards
25. Take an online course of some sort.   I took this one and am in the process of taking this one. So great. 
26. Make a photography website
27. Take better care of my skin- new routine  I've been using these products since I became prego. I just switched over to these in June....Doterra's Skin Line. I am in love. 
28.  See a concert. (not including any gig we are involved in.) 

Reunions & Reminiscing

 photo summer_zps02fe4976.jpg
The oldest photo I could find close to high school. Summer '04. I only went to school with 2 girls pictured here. 

My ten year high school reunion was last night. I didn't go. I stayed home, still in the yoga pants I had worn all day around the house, and I cared for my child. Later I made a delicious, new, paleo meal and hung out with my husband. That's how I needed yesterday to be. The baby had been fussy most of the day, I had accomplished some things (I finished editing the wedding) and didn't accomplish others. As I sit and write this, I am surrounded by piles of our things that I either need to sell, donate, or throw away.

I kept thinking though about high school and about all that has occurred in the last TEN years. Ten years. How did that happen? In the past ten years I painstakingly made my way to graduation, went to a satellite Bible college taught at my own church, didn't sign a record deal, went to actual Bible college, saw so many bands come and go, wrote a few records, made a few mistakes, felt the ocean on my face, saw a lot of good concerts, fell in what I thought was love at the time and had my heart broken twice, graduated from college, moved back home. In the past ten years I made it back to Colorado, days later met the love of my life, starting working at my grown up job that I still am at, got married, bought a house, played more music, took some photos, and had a baby.

Goodness. That's a lot of living in ten years of life and I am totally fine with the realization. Honestly, I didn't want to go to my high school reunion. High school for me was simply a launching pad into the life I live now. I went to my classes, got decent grades, went to work, and then went and played music late into the night. I really wasn't all there. I was everywhere else that I needed and wanted to be.

Would it have been cool to see people? Sure. I probably only communicate with about 3 people from high school and most of my close friends went to the high school across town. I just didn't want to deal with yesterday, if I'm being honest. My jeans don't fit the way I want, I would have to try and remember all of the faces, I would leave my kid and my husband for an evening to take a trip down memory lane that I don't really need.

The only thing I need today is what I already have: the realization that I have truly lived the past ten years. That's the only reminiscing I really need today.

Currently Clicking #20

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Pardon the language, but this is perfect. 

Each and every week, I gather links of all of the places I have been perusing in the great, grand internet. There are plenty of people out there doing big things and small things. Some of these are practical, some are inspiring. This week I am delving into the world of Paleo, realizing how important good real estate photography is, wanting to not sleep as much as do, hoping that I am a good mother that feels good about who I am, daydreaming about another garage sale, and drooling over the new IKEA catalog. 

  1. I am slowly trying to remove dairy/grains/legumes from my diet in an attempt to get my skin to calm down after pregnancy and to fit back into my old jeans again. I have been experimenting with Paleo meals and approaches. I want to try these breakfast muffins and these apple cinnamon muffins. I love these Paleo Lunchbox ideas. I want to make cauliflower rice. Also, if anyone needs another birthday idea....I could use one of these.
  2. I am a real estate photographer on the side. I am always amazed at the photographs some people place on the internet of their home in order to sell it or not sell it. Here are some absolutely terrible real estate photos.  So many wrongs. 
  3. Back in my college days, which are further away from me than I realize at times, I didn't sleep very much. Now I try to sleep as much as possible with a 5 month old baby in the room next to us. Did you know though that intelligent people have one thing in common? They sleep less than the rest of us. Interesting read. It makes me want to stay up later and get stuff done like I used to. 
  4. Nowadays, the simple thought of getting into a bathing suit is pretty terrifying after having a baby. Everything has shifted. Everything. Sometimes we lose sight of what really matters. A Mom's Kids Exposed What She 'Really' Looks Like, And Her Reaction Is PERFECT.
  5. I've been on a kick lately again of getting rid of a lot of our stuff. We just accumulate so much stuff. Here are some tips of getting the most out a garage sale, not annoying your neighbors in the process, and getting rid of your stuff. 
  6. IKEA just released their 2015 catalog. Per usual, I could buy the whole store. But on the other side of things, anything you buy from IKEA usually needs to be assembled. Here are the (humorous, yet truthful) emotional stages of IKEA furniture assembly.