Way Behind...

Life is overwhelming full of music, lots of gigs and practicing. I'm entirely too busy lately. I miss many things, but so many other good things are swiftly on their way.

Some things I miss.....
Late mornings spent drinking copious amounts of caffeine and listening to records.

Taking more photos.
More quite time.

Summer...for once I'm ready for warm weather, late nights, and road trips.

Style School. Lovely Style School. I am soooooooo behind. I really want to sew again.

But, alas, good things are on there way. Good changes. Ones that I can't quite express here yet, but needless to say, I'm stoked. (And, no mom, I'm not pregnant. ) :)

And on another side note...
We finally sent off our taxes and we are getting back far more than we bargained for. I believe my goal of being debt free by the time the hubby graduates college is on the horizon. And...we are currently drooling over one of these puppies.... *sigh*

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