Fresh Words

Life has a wonderful way of surprising us every one in a while. Even in all of the routine and predictability, life seems to throw a new scene into the monotony and the process. I love those seasons in life. Those seasons of great, wonderful, thrilling change. Those times when you know that the only reason anything is happening is not your doing but God’s amazing workmanship. You are simply along for the ride and it’s turning into the road trip of the century.

Life has been changing quickly for us in the past few months. So many changes, so many things that are crammed into our schedule, so many times where I wake up and realize the life I live, how entirely blessed I am, and the insane journey that has brought me to that very moment.

Much has changed in two years. In about a month, I will have lived back in Colorado for two years. Two years. Two years since my feet left the beautiful, rainy northwest. Two years since I played music with those amazing people, those sleepless nights, those difficult, trying, breaking, and building seasons. Two years since my heart was ripped completely from my existence and I made the journey back home to attempt to pick up the pieces.

I didn’t. God did.

Now I sit here, married almost a year to the most amazing man I have ever known. Everyday is a new surprise and my love for him grows stronger every second. It’s crazy to know that you were made to be with someone else. That your hand was meant to fit in his and that your life was meant to be lived right by his side.

In the coming month, we will embark upon something that rests greatly upon my heart. We will be apart of a new church plant within our city. So many old friends and new are coming together to truly see what God is going to do in this city. I can hardly contain the excitement that will follow in these next few months. It feels big. This feels daring. And I love it.

And finally, last night we signed the contract for our very first house! It still feels like a dream, something that occurred only in our minds, yet pen hit paper and we are embarking upon our very own grown up adventure of being home owners. I’m already decorating every room in my mind at night before I fall asleep. A place that we can call our very own. I can paint the walls! I can do whatever I want to each and every room! The house has plenty of room. I can’t even imagine what it’s like to not trip over a guitar case the second we walk in the door.

How did I even get here?

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