Goals for June

We find ourselves in another new month already. Time goes much faster once you hit adulthood. Everyday, you're made to be an adult, pay your bills, wash your dishes, and bring home your paycheck. I find more and more everyday how important it is to just take some time and rest. To breathe. Truthfully, I'm absolutely horrible at that and hate feeling like I'm wasting time. But, as I get older, I find that taking those times to rest isn't in itself wasting time. Those sabbaths allow for more time in the grand scheme of things. When one is at the end of their rope and exhausted, nothing of worth can really get done. I must remember that. 

As I look back on May and the goals I presented, I am filled with satisfaction. It was a good month. I even survived my garage sale. Hallelujah. My goals were: 

Continue the Great Garage Sale preparation. I've only made a small dent in a big, stuff-we-don't-really-need-anymore world. 
A success. I even have any empty room to prove it. Blank walls envelope my house. Now I can make them new. 

Go to the Farmer's Market. 

Schedule a massage. Even for next month. I need it. 
Scheduled for the end of June. Yes, please. 

Plan a getaway for our anniversary in June. 
The hotel is booked and it's only a little over a week away! 

Do an outfit post!! No more procrastination. 

Now onto June......

Try Hot Yoga at the Gym

Bake something yummy: Maybe this? 

Drink tea once a day

Sit back and read a novel. (Maybe I can find one here.

Work on the front yard. Yard Crashers 2012 is coming

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