Baby Marin: Week Eighteen

I usually post this little post on Tuesdays. It is now Thursday. That should probably indicate that our lives have been quite busy this week. So, alas, we find ourselves in week eighteen of Marin's little existence on this earth.

 photo week18_zpse39c0a3a.jpg

I feel like our child has changed completely in the past few days. She had her 4 month well check exam last friday. She now weighs in a 12 lbs, 1.5 oz and is 24 inches long. She still handles the shots probably better than I even would but that still is so hard to watch you child go through. Luckily, Ryan is always there with me and he is far tougher than I am. We have also gotten the green light to start introducing solid foods. I don't even know really where to begin in that whole process and I want to do a lot of research before hand. Do you start with rice cereal? Do you not? How do you make your own baby food? What is best for baby? So many questions. I am excited for this new part of our lives though. I envision many days of food being thrown all over our little home and running down Marin's little chin. It will be an adventure, that I am sure of.

 photo week18and1_zpse25f2093.jpg

Marin has most definitely discovered that she can make an array of sounds. In the past week alone, she has become so much more vocal than before. Even now, she is swinging next to me making sounds that sound somewhat like the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. She is becoming so much more aware of her surroundings, strong and alert. Tummy time doesn't seem to be the worst thing ever in her mind any longer. Toys that are nearby will probably find themselves somewhere in the vicinity of her drooly mouth. No toy is safe. Soon our cat, Geoff, will no longer be able to just sneak by without a tug of the tail. Stroller rides are her jam.

 photo week18and2_zpscd6f9062.jpg

She is growing up so quickly.

I am looking forward to introducing the solid foods, to hearing the new sounds that come out of her mouth on a daily basis, to many more stroller rides.

Week Eighteen.


  1. First of all, I have to congratulate you for keeping this up so consistently! You are going to really love this when you look back 5, 10, 20 years from now and you have all of these memories written down. Second, I highly recommend the Baby Food Doctor to learn about making baby food. She is a chiropractor nutritionist who lives in Loveland, and she teaches classes in homes about making baby food and what to feed them/what to wait on. Doctors usually recommend rice cereal, she says wait on that until their gut can grow the enzymes they need to digest it. You can find her at I hope you enjoy this new phase! <3

    1. Thank you, Emily! That is super helpful. I will definitely look her up. There's just so much information out there!