The Weekender: An Outfit Post

As promised, I have finally gotten around to taking photos for another outfit post. (I'm meeting one of May's goals....) This outfit is one of my weekend staples. I don't get to wear jeans often (I'm in dresses all the time at work), so when the weekend hits, I really just want my jeans. 

Sidenote: I tried on three pairs of jeans I've been holding onto since my early college days and successfully buttoned all of them. Success. Even though I'm feeling discouraged and have fat days just like any other lady, buttoning those pants felt pretty darn good. Slow progress. 


I got gel nails (by OPI) this friday. I'm hooked. I've played the guitar, cleaned my house, and beat up my nails like usual. They still look great. Hallelujah. 
My latest obsession: Rolling my jeans. Why? I don't really need a reason, do I? 
You always need a good jumping shot. My husband is a real sport for helping me take these photos. Side note: it was raining that day too. 
Outfit Details: 
Jeans- Target
Print Shirt- Ross 
Cardigan- Express
Boots- Walmart (who knew?) 

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  1. Very cute outfit! And for a good price too, always a bonus!