The Hollen Holidays | Christmas 2016

Christmas was another whirlwind this year. I can't believe it's already come and gone once more. I'm still trying to detox my system from all of the sugar I have consumed in the past week. 

Since I work for a church, I work on Christmas Eve. We had two services this year at 2:30pm and 4pm. It was nice to be done earlier and able to go spend time with my family. The services went very well and it was a great way to end the year. 

After church, I hurried to the Hollen's home for chili and cinnamon rolls from Silver Grill. 

Marin received so many cool gifts this year. She is set for a while. 

Christmas morning we woke up and woke Marin up. I think I was almost more excited about her big gift from us...a bike! She's been talking about it all year. Every time we go to Walmart she would ask to go look at the bikes. This bike even has a seat for all of her buddies. 

Ryan rocked at my gifts this year. I love them all. 

After we opened gifts at our house, we went to my grandparents home for Christmas morning with my side of the family. 

We had an italian dinner at my uncle and aunt's home after that, had a round of white elephant, and ate too much food once again. 

I'm pretty ready to take down the decorations and start fresh for 2017. I also need to not eat a cookie for a while. 

Merry Christmas! 

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