Our Little Vacation | Estes Park

Our family! Soon to be four!
A few weeks ago, we had ourselves a little vacation or getaway to Estes Park. We knew that I was only going to get more pregnant, so it was now or never. This is probably our last trip as a family of three, which is really surreal to think about. Very soon we will be a family of four and our lives will never be the same. 

This was the first time our little one has gotten to go on a little trip like this. In the past, she has stayed with grandparents. We talked up the trip for weeks and I think she had a very good time. We ended up taking a little drive up to Estes Park, CO for a few days. Nothing crazy. Still pretty close to where we actually live. Long gone are the days of relaxing on a beach somewhere with a margarita, but I'm alright with that. This is the season we find ourselves in. 

We stayed at Murphy's River Lodge and were very pleased with it. The breakfast was great. Marin would have swam in the swimming pool all day if we would have let her. Our little room was right on a river. We were able to check out a bunch of movies and just hang out with each other for a few days. We ate a lot of wonderful food. It snowed quite a bit while we were there but it was still very enjoyable. 

New reading material from the book store on Main Street. 
Out on the back porch of our room, on the river. 

Traveling with a toddler is always an adventure. She did so great for the most part. The hardest part was getting her to wind down for the night and sleep in the same room as us. She wanted to just stay up with us and not miss out on anything. We missed nap time completely the second day which actually worked to our advantage that night because she fell asleep almost immediately. 

It was a refreshing way to unwind for a few days. Work has been crazy. We've been prepping for the arrival of our son. We are gearing up for maternity leave and for our lives to change. I wish the little trip could have been longer and maybe a bit warmer, but it was just what we needed. 

We brought lots of things to keep her entertained. 

We stayed at the Murphy's River Lodge.  We would most definitely stay there again. It was nice and relaxing. 

Some places we ate: 

Dinner the first night was here. I had an amazing burger with jack cheese and guacamole with sweet potato fries. 

Lunch on the second day was at a little diner with amazing pie, called You Need Pie. Perfection. I had a reuben sandwich for lunch. Dessert was a slice of s'mores pie and blackberry, split between all of us. Seriously amazing pie. 

Dinner the second night was at our normal place when we go to Estes, Poppy's!  You can never go wrong with pizza. 

Right before it snowed a bunch.
Marin would have swam forever. We need to get her swimming lessons.
Someday we will get our tropical beach getaway as a family but for now escaping to the mountains for a few days was wonderful. Until next time, Estes Park. 

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