Baby Marin's Nursery

Everything is as ready as it will ever be. We are still waiting ever so patiently for our little nugget to come into this world. 

I officially had my last day in the office (for a while) yesterday afternoon. Walking out the doors was a little surreal. I've never had this much extended time away from my place of employment. My 5 year anniversary at the dental office is actually this Sunday. Time has flown by. A lot has happened in the past 5 years and now we wait for the arrival of our first child. I started working there a bit after we were engaged, then we were married, and now we are waiting to become parents. 

The nursery came together better than I had envisioned. What once was an office and then a bedroom for a roommate and then a workout room, now has transformed into our little girl's room. 

Shelves from IKEA. Everyone brought books for my shower. 
My mom made this banner for my baby shower. 
This was my toy chest when I was a child. Made by my grandpa. 

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  1. Beautiful! I can't wait t see pictures of her!!