25 Things Before 25

Most of this has nothing to do with our vacation.....

Today was very low key, spent driving from Seattle to Longview for what seemed like forever. Once we hit L-town, I got a pedicure with my long lost friend Liz and then we all went to dinner. Nothing to crazy, but still wonderful. 

As I've been on vacation, I always start to build up my massive to do list for the time when we return. Everyday I get further away from reality and everyday my to do list continues to pile up back where I left it. I've hardly taken the time to realize that we are approaching my favorite season of all: fall. This season is full of boot-wearing, coffee drinking goodness that I look forward to every year. If it could be fall all the time, I would be entirely alright with that. 

I've been thinking a lot about my goals for this year. I even glanced back at my Four Simple Goals post from earlier. I've been working towards a few of them, but not nearly at the intensity I would like. 

Here's the beginning of the list: 25 things to do before I turn 25....

  1. Plan for a garden this coming spring
  2. Grow out my hair
  3. Write at my typewriter at least once a week
  4. Get HEALTHY! 
  5. Unpack and organize my creative space
  6. Buy a new car
  7. Create a blog schedule/blog button
  8. Save enough money for camera equipment
  9. Have the baby talk 
  10. Create a business plan
  11. Paint some walls
  12. Read a novel every month 
  13. Actually work on our yard and make it look nice
  14. Be able to fit into my jeans from when I moved back home
  15. Go through my clothes and donate the ones that have been in my closet for years

I'll post the remaining ten goals tomorrow.... 


  1. #5 - good luck - my creative space is never organized!

  2. oh, and your not 25 yet? wow, i feel old.

  3. Love the first 15...can't wait to see the next 10! It's fun to get things down in print...helps to stay motivated...and good place to check back in every once in awhile...just to see how one is doing!! Love it!