Goals for December

December is flying already and I feel the need to get my goals for the month on paper. To commit. To actually do something. First off, a quick review of November. 

Done and done. I'd like to try it again though because my oven is a pain to bake in. 

Not done. No time. Sad. 

Deep clean my house. 
I'm crossing this one off....I'm very close. I just need to organize the kitchen. 

Go thrifting. 
I did and didn't buy anything. Crazy. 

Go for more walks. 

Finish reading through this and this.

Let's keep this simple. 

Watch this movie all the way through in one sitting. 

Organize the kitchen. 

Do yoga twice a week. 

Have a chili night at our house. 

Find one holiday recipe, make it. 

Those seem attainable. 

Happy December 6th, already! 

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