Wish List Wednesday: The Maxi Dress

Summer is here obviously in full force. I spend most of my days trying to dress for work in a way that a) Covers all of my tattoos :( b) Looks business casual and c) Keeps me cool once I leave the confines of my air conditioned work place. Those are a lot of situations to compete with. I'm either freezing at work or sweating like crazy on the drive home. 

My new obsession: Maxi Dresses and Skirts

You can dress them up with a blazer or sweater for work. Add some funky jewelry and you can't go wrong walking the halls of your place of work. Once you clock out, you can easily peel the sweater or blazer off and head to a BBQ on a back porch and drink a beer. It's a win win. 

Source Unknown, found via Pinterest 

Wet Seal 

Source Unknown: Found via Pinterest

I'm on a hunt currently to all of the thrift stores around town for maxi skirts and dresses. I need them cheap because frankly we aren't made of money. The search continues! 

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