Yard Crashers 2012

Today. It begins. Yard Crashers 2012. I'm up before 8am on my day off. I'm wearing copious amount of sunscreen. I even think I might wear a bandana. It's said that there will be donuts. 

Our goal: to not have the worst looking yard on the block. There will be a brand new front porch. We will be showing our nearly dead grass some love. The hedge in front will be getting a really good haircut. It's time. I'm ready. Thank heavens it's supposed to be in the eighties today instead of record temps in the 100's. Thank the Lord. 

So. I'm going to get messy, dirty, and sweaty. But, it will be all worth it. 

More photos to follow. 

If I come out of this without a sunburn of any kind, I have succeeded. 

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