Our New Season: Parenthood

I’ve been anticipating writing these words almost for my entire life. I knew at one point or another, these words would probably need to come, this season would need to be lived. I don’t think I ever knew quite what I would be getting myself into and I’ve only seen a little glimpse of what all that entails. 

I am going to be mother. We are going to be parents. 

I’ve been fairly consumed by this notion for a few years but knew that it just wasn’t time yet. Then, we decided to take some risks and finally start trying to have kids. Within a few months I had 3 positive pregnancy tests and a groggy husband that I woke up early one morning on a Friday to tell the good news. I was freaked out. I think I am still freaked out. But, it’s a good freaked out. 

Everything changed that day. 

Since the day I took those tests, I knew everything would be different. It’s almost felt like an out of body experience these past few weeks. I have finally gotten really sick. I can’t believe how little energy I have and I have to come to terms with that every day and  every hour I am awake. I have no desire to eat certain foods I once loved. My cravings have consisted of ramen noodles, peanut butter and waffles, orange juice, and honey nut cheerios. Not exactly the nutritious, veggie and fruit eating pregnant lady I hoped to be. I want to go to bed at 8pm every night and take a nap every day (if only work life would allow that.) 

I am growing a human and this is probably the craziest and hardest thing I’ve ever embarked upon. 

With the arrival of the good news and new season upon our lives, I decided to start blogging again. I make no promises to the consistency  of that claim, especially when my energy levels are horrible at the moment, but a return to this world was necessary. I may bore you with my current cravings and rants about how my jeans won’t button anymore, but I don’t care. This is far more for me and my husband to remember this season of our lives than really anything else. 

Here’s to the newest, craziest, most unknown season of our lives. It’s only going to get crazier. 

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