Baby Marin: An Update

I haven't written in a few weeks and for that I am sorry. 

The last post had me waiting for news on our little girl. 

The news we received was good. The news we received only met our ears because of all of you wonderful people praying so fervently for our little Marin. 

I am overwhelmed by the power of prayer. I am overwhelmed by this whole process of bringing a new life into this crazy world. 

My fluids are slowly increasing. I still am drinking water like crazy and trying to take it easy. 

Baby Marin is still measuring a little behind but she is growing, by God, she is growing. 

We return to the specialist this Monday and will probably continue to do so through the rest of my pregnancy. 

Thank you for you prayers and your kind words. Our little growing family is extremely blessed. 

Thank You. 

I feel my nesting obsession slowly creeping into our home. I am ready to decorate a nursery. We are starting to talk about baby showers. I
currently am craving sprinkled donuts (only the cake kind) and honey crisp apples. My belly is growing at an alarming rate and sleep is starting to become a bit of a challenge. I am obsessively watching the X-files all the way through for the third time in my life. 

I am fine with all of these things. As long as she is growing big and strong. 

I currently sit here at 23 weeks and 3 days. My little phone app states that we have around 117 more days to go.

Here we go. 

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