Staying Sane: Date Night

Date night is important, very important. Ever since we became parents, I've realized how even more important finding time as a couple and as individuals really is. Being parents is amazing, but unless we are staying sane in the process, life can get difficult. We don't want life to become difficult. We want to live out extraordinary lives, even in the day to day. That's always been the goal. 

This was right before we left for the date. I didn't know quite what to do with myself! 

Monday night, Grandma and Grandpa Hollen came to our house to watch the lil' one while we went out for the first time since Marin was born. I've been away from her only for little snippets of time: to run errands, to escape to Target for a little mommy break, to actually take a shower and shave my legs. 

This was the longest stretch so far. We were away for about 4 hours and I can't even begin to count how many times I thought about my kid. It was crazy! But, we had a wonderful time away for even just a bit. It is so important to do this: for our marriage and for our sanity. We can get so caught up in caring for an infant, which is important obviously, but we can lose ourselves in the process. I think Ryan and I are doing really well at not losing ourselves as we become parents. It's a process, surely, but we are making strides towards really settling in to this whole parenting gig while still keeping our marriage and relationship strong and healthy. 

For date night we went and saw the Lego Movie. I was skeptical at first but ended up really enjoying it! It was really good! 

After the movie, we went to Old Town to one of our favorite restaurants: Stuft, A Burger Bar. Any place that has sweet potato fries and lets you build your own burger to your liking is a place I want to be at. I want to go to there. 

Monday night also marked the first day I've had a beer in oh, let's see, about 10 freaking months! I've been waiting to have alcohol and read up on how to still be breastfeeding and consuming alcoholic beverages. Sunshine Wheat. Wonderful Sunshine Wheat. It had been so long! 

The last time I believe I had a beer we are were at Stuft Burger (creatures of habit, clearly.) I remember feeling sick to my stomach and couldn't even finish my beer. Little did I know, I was actually pregnant at the time! No wonder I didn't want it. Now though, I gladly welcome the occasional beverage back into my life. It can stick around for a while. 

What do you do for Date Night? 

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