Baby Marin: Week Two

I have lost all track of time. Somehow it has already been two whole weeks since the birth of our child. How is that even possible? I'm sure I will probably say something similar in every single one of these weekly posts, but that is just more reason to savor every minute. I'm still learning how to do that and not obsessively clean my kitchen instead. Baby steps. My obsessive compulsive ways are slowly learning how to chill out. Slowly. 

I read this quote somewhere, where I'm not sure, so if anyone knows let me know....

The days are long but the years are short. 

That has been ringing so true in these past few days. We are tired, but we endure. We are building a family and the years are going to pass far too quickly in the grand scheme of things. We will have a toddler before we know it. Then we she will be wanting to date boys and drive cars and go off to college and I will be puddle of tears somewhere because our baby grew up too fast. I don't want to wish away these moments even when they can be so difficult. They are important. 

I have been stretched beyond anything I thought possible in the last two weeks. Exhaustion. Speaking delirious sentences to my husband late at night because my brain doesn't know how to fully shut off and sleep when I can. 

We have had small triumphs though. Breastfeeding is slowly becoming normal to me. It isn't such a struggle. I am beginning to really try and cherish that time that I have of being so close to little Marin. Those moments are fleeting. I need to remember that. 

Hold your children close today. Cherish the simple moments. Ignore the dishes. 

The days are long but years are short. 
I couldn't resist. 

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