Weekly Lovelies: Currently Clicking

I'm on the internet a lot. I feel like I have been on it even more now that I've been on maternity leave. I read a lot of stuff. I want to remember some of that stuff. Here is where I was clicking this past week.....

Early mornings with the baby. I need to clean our keyboard. Badly.
  • 18 Things Highly Creative People Do Differently
  • This post from Elise resonated with me so much as a new mom. It's a healthy reminder to know that you are exactly what your baby needs you to be at this very moment. 
  • I am majorly obsessed with how Shutterbean does Meal Prep each week. Super inspired. I wish my fridge looked that pretty. 
  • A Beautiful Mess has done it again. Their new photography and art journal course look so amazing. Their new photoshop actions are to die for. I would like each and every one please. 
  • There is a movement of tiny houses slowly creeping into our society. I am so fascinated by it. I want to get rid of most of what I own. This couple is doing it right.  Here is another couple and their micro cabin
  • This house tour and this house tour. For someone that doesn't have a white wall in her home, I sure am drawn to them lately. 
  • Doterra Oils have really hooked my interest. I am looking for some classes locally because the essential oil movement seems like something I could really latch on to as a new mother. Have you tried them? 

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