Baby Marin | Week Forty Five

Another week has past. The dust from the holidays is settling and our living room looks empty without the warm presence of the Christmas tree and lights. I always am sad when we pack away everything for the beginning of a new year. It is nice though to have our home back to normal once more. 

We have been fighting some gnarly colds around these parts and I feel like we are finally nearing the end of all of this sickness. We have spent many days at home lately and I feel like Marin is going a little stir crazy. She has been full of it. Aside from a runny nose, she seems to have bypassed the colds and I am very thankful for that. 

Marin has found a new love for Sesame Street. She has been trying new solid foods and is slowly learning to pick up her food and not just toss it on the floor. Don't get me wrong though, a lot of it ends up on the floor still and I'm sure it will only get messier as we try new foods. Someday we will try spaghetti and someday it will find its way into every nook and cranny of our kitchen. 

Marin's current word is "pretty." She points at everything and states that everything is now "pretty." All day, every day. "Pretty, pretty, pretty." 

It was snowing again today and Marin gets so excited about seeing all of the snowflakes. We need to get this kid out to play in the snow soon. I haven't quite embarked into that yet. 

Week Forty Five. 

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