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Today is the big day, the day we found out whether or not we are having a boy or a girl. I seriously cannot quite believe that I am nearly half way through this pregnancy. It seems like just the other day, I was on vacation with Ryan, staying in Denver and holding a positive pregnancy test in my hand, mildly freaking out. Ok, I was pretty much freaking out. We had been trying but I didn't think I would be pregnant so soon. I couldn't even drink the the bottle of wine we had brought to our B&B or sit in the awesome rooftop hot tub that overlooked Denver. But, still worth it. And now....here we are.

I am one of those planner people that really needs to know if we are having a boy or a girl. I would like to think I could be carefree and spontaneous and not know, but this is reality people. My reality. If it is a boy, I need to buy pretty much an entirely new wardrobe unless he wants to grow up in glitter and pink. If it's a girl, I have more clothing for her packed away in Marin's closet than I know what to do with. I haven't gotten rid of everything. I have been a packrat mom with all of Marin's clothing.

But, once we are in the know, I am excited to start decorating nursery #2 and prepping for this little baby that will be here truly before we know it. I've been pinning stuff like crazy. Find me on Pinterest here. Here are a few nurseries that I love...Sources are linked below the image.




So, without making you wait even longer.....

We had our ultrasound and OB appointment today. Ryan was off so he got to go with me. The last time we did this with Marin, we had a few complications and scares. You can read about them here...but we ended up with a perfectly healthy, awesome little girl. 

No scares today. Baby is healthy and good. Praise the Lord!

We had the ultrasound tech put the gender reveal in an envelope. Then we took said envelope to King Soopers and had them make us a cake and cover it up so we couldn't see it. 

We had our family over for the reveal. It's a good thing we only had to wait until this evening. The suspense was intense. So...drum roll please....

The look of pure shock probably will tell you what I thought we were having....

Baby Hollen #2 is a BOY!!!!!

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