A Baby Shower for Baby Sullivan

A few weekends ago, my awesome family, mostly Grammy & Grandmadoo,  threw a baby shower for Baby Sullivan. We are planning on having a dinosaur themed nursery so we had a dinosaur party as well. This little guy is super blessed to have a family like this and we haven't even met him yet. We ate lots of amazing chicken from Raising Canes. There was potato salad and cheesecake. It was wonderful. 

So obviously, if you didn't catch it already, we have decided to name him Sullivan James. We have been spending the last few weeks preparing for him and everything is almost ready. I am very ready to not be pregnant anymore. I'm in the uncomfortable phase where I have round ligament pain almost all of the time. I have to go to the restroom a million times per day and I'm up a few times at night. Pregnancy insomnia has been pretty bad lately too. But, overall, everything is looking good and baby boy is growing well. I was 36 weeks on Thursday. Only a few more weeks. 

I'm very curious as to when we will actually meet this little guy. Will he arrive early? Will he arrive ten days late like his big sister? Who really knows. Now, we wait. I'm packing my hospital bag this weekend. We are working on getting the nursery ready. I'm organizing closets and cupboards like a crazy person. 

Thank you to everyone that poured so much time and awesomeness into the baby shower and to bringing this little guy into the world. He is already well loved and I am so thankful for all of it. Marin also loves all of the dinosaurs that now inhabit our home. 

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