What's In My Bag | Hospital Edition

Our bags are officially packed. We are officially as ready as we will ever be for this little man to come into the world. I'm due on Friday and now we just hurry up and wait. I remember this feeling from last time and Marin decided to take her precious time and wait until ten days after my due date to grace us with her adorable presence. I know a due date is just an estimate, more like a little suggestion to make pregnant mothers go a little bit crazy. 

I am a planner. The waiting and suspense just about kills me by this point but I'm trying to just tie up lose ends at work. Get the the house ready. And wait. And wait and wait and wait. Everyday I go to bed at night I wonder if we will be having a baby in the next 24 hours or not. So far, not. 

Last time we did this, I feel like I packed more? Maybe I did. I honestly don't completely remember but I feel like this time around, we are in a good place packing wise. There's one bag for the hospital and a canvas grocery bag full of snacks and random other items that we will throw in last minute. I plan on putting some minimal make up in and my flat iron. We will need to toss in the phone chargers. But overall, the bags are packed. 

I've also packed a bag for Marin because once I'm in labor and we head to the hospital, she is heading to the grandparent's house and will hang out there until she can come meet her new baby brother. 

Not pictured:
Minimal Hair Stuff
Gift for Marin/Gift for Sullivan
Phone chargers
Assorted, Minimal Makeup 

Now we wait. I'm ready to not be pregnant any longer and to meet this little guy. Come on, Sullivan! 

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