Today threw a bit of a curveball my beloved MacBook decided to completely die during my lunch break and I went into complete freak out mode. The mac is my business lifeline....all of my music, all of my recordings, photographs, old school papers, my beloved photoshop......all gone. 

Tonight was spent chilling with a bunch of techies who eventually told me that my hard drive was entirely finished and never would see the light a day in Mac-World. I'm also not about to spend practically as much as one would spend on a new computer to have them try and retrieve my old information. 

That being said, I purchased a new hard drive, sat through a few painstaking hours of reloading everything on my computer, and hoping that I put useful important things on my external hard drive. 

Here's to new beginnings. And some new found goals of reestablishing my photography files with some new stuff. 

I'm saving my pennies. One of these puppies will be in my future. 
I'm determined! 

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