Bookstores and Chai

This day has been lazy, extremely lazy.

I played a show last night at the beloved Coffeetree/Anthology Bookstore. It was a grand time. I introduced a few new tunes and even threw in a Christmas song. It was really fun! I like when shows are enjoyable and it doesn't feel like work. That's the way it is supposed to be. Hopefully I'll have some photos soon....cause this was taken by a phone! :)
I slept in this morning til around 11 or so, stayed in my pjs until about 3:00, then went to B&N with my wonderful husband to spend some gift cards we've received for Christmas. There are few things I truly adore in, the church, music, rain, bookstores, photography, vinyl, etc. Add a tall chai into the equation and I'm set for an evening of pure enjoyment. We scored a lot of good reads that I can't wait to delve into.

The Hollens also gave us some more ornaments for our tree this year that I'm ecstatic about. They are the perfect color. They gave us two hearts and another that says Christmas 2009. It is our first Christmas as a married couple and these are perfect. (Sidenote...our six month anniversary is tomorrow! Time is flying by!)

Ryan has just finished his student teaching portion of his degree and currently is sitting next to me ever so diligently typing his huge assignment for the end of the semester. He even made a little list of to-do's, which I was so proud of. I'm obsessed with lists! I guess I'm rubbing off on him! :)

I'm also currently obsessed with THIS blog. The idea of being able to take an entire year to discover more about your marriage and travel all over the country is incredibly appealing. And, you get to travel with one of these puppies! I like this one....

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