My Weekend, As Seen From My Iphone

This weekend was grand. To top it all is a recap, thanks to my new phone. I don't know how I ever lived without it.

The start of a new tradition that has been in the Hollen's for a long time...BLINKO!

I don't know how well you can tell...but this picture is Ryan's car FULL of music gear. Love it.

Ryan and I played a show at the Taproom. I discovered a love for New Belgium's Frambozen Brew. Yum!

I was in Scene Magazine! :) (It's weird to see photos of me pre-tattoo on my shoulder!)

Ordered this book....drank some chai.

Bought this book for 2 bucks.

Ended up getting these shoes after an endless search for the ones from the previous post. These were cheaper. :)

Ate sushi. It had been FAR TOO LONG!

Ryan signed the receipt for the evening with a very large pen.

Went and saw Danielle Ate the Sandwich, our dear friend and amazing songwriter. She's rad.

Drank lovely coffee.

Band practice today with the Rifleman. I will be playing a show with them on the 27th because their keyboard player is out of town. It will be fun!

And last but not least, I finished wrapping all of the presents for Christmas!

Phew. What a good weekend! :)

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