Breaking the Silence

It has been nearly three months since I have written here. I believe I have enough legitimate excuses to suffice for my absence in the passing days.

Case and point.

We bought a house. A real house. It boggles my mind. I feel so grown up.

Today, on this glorious Saturday, my band and I are releasing our new record, Bend or Break.

You can buy it here ! Or read a review about it here....

We have a band practice at our new abode nearly every night during the week due to all of the bands I participate in.

We have a cat. Never thought I would say that. He’s a pain, but we love him. I’ve come to the realization though that even though the kitten stage is adorable and all, I’m ready for the old, fat cat stage where they just chill and don’t crawl all over us and claw at everything in their path. (I’m a dog person. That is what I know. This is welcomed, new challenge that has sent my nose running and my eyes itching.)

Since this is turning into a “Summary of Our Lives Right Now,” I'll continue.......

I need to travel. I never have. I feel it burning in my bones. Even a simple road trip. Even a day trip for crying out loud. Or Europe. Which ever one comes first.

I’m currently obsessed with interior design blogs and all of the cheap, crafty like a fox ways I’m going to transform our house into something awesome. It’s slowly getting there.

I still have two rooms to unpack. Still.

My camera is broken. We’re hoping it’s an easy fix, but as of now, I’m scheming through all of the ways to get my hands on a Cannon 5d mkII, aside from stealing one of course. :)

We are a part of THIS and that make me very happy.

I’m trying to take much better care of day at a time. Jillian Michaels and I have become imaginary pals and enemies all at the same time. She kicks my butt.

I’m going to stop there. Hopefully in the coming days I will actually write more. I’ve been inspired a lot lately and I will hopefully post about that, maybe even some recipes or DIYs.

Today is a glorious day.


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