Four Simple GOals

I felt a tinge of excitement when I saw this post over on Elsie's blog. Goals are my things. Lists are a favorite, yet oddly justifying past time of mine. Notebooks have been filled with said goals and poured over in the years to come to see if I've ever really accomplished them. Some are left to die on those pages, some have found new life in the everyday.

I like to have something to work for. Without a goal in mind, my busyness seems utterly pointless.

My Four Simple Goals......

1. Take the time to take care of myself. Visit farmers markets on the weekend. Make those good salads that I actually end up enjoying. Eat more of the fruit that makes my mouth water. Get some sleep. Actually exercise by doing an activity I enjoy.

2. Grow out my hair. I generally have no patience in this category, but will not cut any length off my hair, other than a nice trim until December. Luckily, my sister is my hair stylist and won't let me!
3. Make our house a home. Paint some walls a crazy color. Seek out those crazy flea market and craigslist finds. Hang some personal artwork on the walls.

4. Create a space for me to live creatively. Stop avoiding the one bedroom I have yet to unpack our house. Take the sewing machine out of the box. Place all of my art journaling supplies where I can actually find them. Use my camera for more than just business. Make time to live creatively. Busyness shouldn't be a downfall.

Let's see how I do! Many of these are goals, within goals, within goals. But, I like to see the big picture.

Breakfast downtown, farmers market, grocery shopping, music playing, and birthday BBQing today.

Should be a wonderful, beautiful Saturday.

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  1. I, too, need to clean up my spare bedroom. Unpack the boxes, get more organized, and set up our studio. I started but then my fiancé threw all his dirty laundry in there and we haven't finished cleaning. :(

    I guess I should join the goal oriented type and do this challenge! :)