DIY Envy

I have kitchen cabinets on the brain. Life is slowing down a tad for a while. We have only one or two music gigs set up for the next few months. I welcome the down time. I have a house that still isn't quite yet a home.

First project to focus on....our kitchen cabinets. I love the gallery kitchen we have. My goal is for my color scheme to be aqua and red.

Current cupboards...

I want bold cupboards. I don't want to play it safe. I think we have the balls to pull that off. Some ideas.....

Or even something as crazy as this....fabric cabinets! I don't know if I'm that daring...

I'm going to dream of aqua and painting tonight!

Should I go bold or subtle?

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  1. Go bold...the aqua looks great! I think your cabinets/kitchen will look even better than the sample photos...with your black granite countertops!