Studio Journal: Day One

(Written on Thursday night) 
I’m a proud little wife today. I currently sit in the studio, awaiting the time when my man embarks upon the long-awaited journey of recording his first full length record. This is a new season for him, for us, and for the creative lives we strive to live out somehow in the midst of our grown up jobs, mortgage, and other desires. This feels like a distinct turning point in our lives. Not a detour, not a fork in the road, but a continuous journey down the dirt path we have always in one way or another walked upon. All is new, all is fresh, and somehow still unknown. 

I fall more in love with this man and this life everyday, hardly grasping that realization at times. It’s kind of a slow burn into a deeper fire. He loves me so well; even through all of my short comings. He focuses on my triumphs and my dreams. He knows me far better than any other being and for that I am thankful. 

This weekend shall be full of creativity. Full of a group of friends coming together to mold something out of what was once nothing or merely just a spark in the heart of the man I have given my heart to. 

Our 2nd anniversay shall be celebrated in the midst of this new journey. I wish I had the words to express my love for this man. No material gift shall ever suffice. I am his and he is mine. 

This is all part of our journey. 

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