A New List: 27 Things Before 27

It's that time again. I have been working on this list for a while now and can't wait to get it out there and start checking things off. Some things you will see here are big, like having a kid or getting out of debt. Some things are fun and simple, like wine tasting or finishing a nerdy book series. I need a combination of both in order to be successful with this list. I'm ready. Let's do this.

1.      Finish writing 5 songs. That’s a big deal.

2.      Rock a two piece swimming suit with confidence.

3.      Treat myself to a massage

4.      Camp in a tent

5.      Get another tattoo

6.      Learn to knit (I will put this on my lists until I do it!)

7.      Record another music project

8.      Work through a few e-courses that have piled up.

9.      Gain financial peace. Get out of debt once and for all.

10.   Get pregnant.

11.   Paint some walls

12.   Not kill my garden

13.   Have a picnic

14.   Sew something. Anything.

15.   Fly in a plane

16.   Repurpose a piece of furniture

17.   See a concert at Red Rocks

18.   Go on a wine or beer tasting tour

19.   Eat at 5 places we have never tried before.

20.   Bake often. 

21.   Have a girls night

22.   Make breakfast for dinner

23.   Finish reading the Dark Tower Series by Stephen King (This was my man’s idea)

24.   Have a dinner party

25.   Read 12 novels

26.   Re-grow out my hair (Again. I just trimmed a bunch off. I miss it.)

27.   Take a road trip.

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