Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas: Christmas 2013

I blinked and Christmas has already come and gone. I always seem to start planning and anticipating this holiday earlier each year and then I take a breath and I am gearing up for the new year. 

This year was much like the ones past and I am entirely alright with that. Lots of family, too much food, and the realization that another Christmas season has quickly come and gone. 

Christmas Eve was spent at Vintage City Church for a service and then we went on to celebrate with my side of the family. 

Christmas Eve Aftermath 

The big difference this year was the fact that we are currently childless, with one on the way. Next year will be completely different. I am very excited to live this season through the eyes of a child because I remember all of those years of hardly sleeping on Christmas Eve and anxiously awaiting the presents, laughter, and good food that arrived the next day. It will be a whole new world for us and I can't wait. 

Christmas morning was quite and peaceful at our home. Ryan had brought home donuts the evening before for his pregnant wife. The lady at the bakery was out of sprinkled donuts and made some especially for me! We also enjoyed a french press of Starbucks Christmas Blend, which year in and year out is a favorite of mine. It was slow and wonderful. 

New Christmas Jammies and a Growing Baby Bump
Give the pregnant lady all of the sprinkles.

I did try to soak it all in this year. I tried to not ask for any baby stuff and kind of make this my last big Christmas hurrah before we have a little one running all over the place. I received gifts that will help me reach my goals in 2014 (hello Fitbit!), accessories to make me feel like a human being when I find myself becoming a frazzled mama, lots of kitchen items (including one that has been on my list for years and I was shocked to receive), and Ryan and I bit the bullet this afternoon and bought ourselves new iPhones. I couldn't have asked for a better season with a better bunch of people. 

Christmas Day was spent at the Hollen's. We ate meatballs and mashed potatoes. It was awesome. 

I am ready for the new year. I am realizing that I am 44 days away from my due date as I type this and our nursery is in the room next to me in piles. There's is much to be done. I don't want to lose myself in all of it. I want to be a good mom and a good wife. 2014 will be a crazy year. But, for this evening, I want to dwell in all that 2013 has been. 

We have a few more days of this year to embrace and I want to soak it all. 

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