The Everyday: Week Two

Our lives were filled with the welcoming of new life this week. We consumed cupcakes with mustaches on them. 

I was awake far too early, way too many times this week. Coffee is my companion. 

I've never felt the need to work on "Plan B" so much in my entire life. How's that for vague? 

 photo everyday2_zpsab312691.jpg
(Stewie. Soon to be a big brother.) 

 photo everyday1_zps5c36072a.jpg
(Don't mess with my kid. She's tough) 

 photo everyday3_zps5e19a332.jpg
(Celebrating new life. A baby shower for my sister.) 

 photo everyday4_zps95151624.jpg
(Slowly but surely, I am working through this.) 

 photo everyday7_zpseccdfe72.jpg
(Sometimes you just have to have toast with almond butter and apricot jam.) 

 photo everyday8_zps914c39a9.jpg
(Early Morning Fuel) 

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