Baby Marin | Week Forty One

Marin had her 9 month well-check yesterday afternoon. The nurses and doctors just can't get enough of her. They say that she is very bright and doing very well. Of course, my mommy heart just about bursts when they say that, but I agree with them. She is one smart cookie. One smart, feisty cookie. 

Marin now weighs 16.5 lb. and is almost 27 inches long. She still measures in the petite range but is growing like a weed. We also didn't need to get any shots of any sort yesterday, which was a nice change of pace. We are not a big fan of shots, pretty much ever. 

The next time we will take her to a well-check appointment, Marin will be one year old. Where is the time going? Where? 

Week Forty One. 

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