Baby Marin | Week Forty Three (10 Months)

As of today, Marin is ten months old. I feel like this week has been super crazy and I have been running all over the place for work and the holidays. Lots of parties, events, meetings. All good things, but I am very glad to have a Thursday at home with this little gal. She is currently napping like a little champ.

She is extra drool-y today and we are still awaiting the arrival of a tooth. Someday it will happen. Someday.

Marin discovered the kitty door today that is in the door in our kitchen that leads out to our garage. That is not a place for babies and she knows that she isn't allowed out there. That realization makes it even more a part of her little baby agenda. Any chance she gets, she crawls as fast as she can to reach the kitty door. Geoff the cat just kind of looks at her like, "Hey, that's my room!"

She has surprised us lately and has been sleeping in later than usual. We didn't roll out of bed until after 8am today. The days of waking up at 3am or 5am have left us, at least for now. It has been a nice, welcomed change.

(A gal and her kitty buddy.) 

I can't wait for this time next week when Marin gets to experience her very first Christmas. I think she will enjoy the wrapping paper and boxes almost more than the gifts themselves. She was totally entertained with tissue paper for a very long time while I was wrapping gifts the other day. Simple distractions.

Week Forty Three. Ten Months.

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