Baby Marin | Week Forty Two

Well, I'm late in posting this, but I must show you this adorable little baby girl that we get the amazing chance to call our very own. We have been blessed with an amazing little gal and I can't help but realize how many ways she has changed our lives for the better. She makes everyday a new, wonderful experience. She has helped me learn more and more things about myself every single day. She helps me understand my weaknesses and my strengths as a mother and a wife. I am forever thankful for this little gal. She is my reason, for everything. 

I guess I'm feeling pretty sentimental lately. This time last year, I was very pregnant and all of the unknowns of parenthood and finding who I am in motherhood weighed heavily on me. Now I get to wake up everyday and be greeted by Marin's little smile. She makes all things new. 

I am so thankful that I get to be her mom. 

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