The Great Road Trip | Day 1 & 2

Travel always does something within me. I feel like the second we pack up the car and hit the road, all of the cobwebs of my mind, body, and soul suddenly shake loose and I can see again. I can easily get caught up in the everyday, the routine. Don't get me wrong, our everyday is pretty darn awesome. I get to wake up everyday next to a man I love, care for a child that has changed me in ways I never knew were possible, work in a job that I can actually say that I adore. Life is good. But, sometimes, I need a change of scenery. 

I've been anticipating this trip for a while now. The northwest will always hold a piece of my heart from college. In so many ways, I was made in the PNW. I found love, lost it. I found creativity. I found friendship. I found a love for the landscape. the weather, and the people. I love this city with everything within me. It makes me feel alive. It wakes me up. 

We started our trip on Sunday. I worked until 10:30, rushed home, picked up the house (because I like coming home to a clean home...), said goodbye to the kid, and we hit the road. The thing that has pulled at my heartstrings so much in the past few days is the fact that we didn't bring Marin with us. We know that she isn't the best car companion and 20 hours in a car with a 16 month old wasn't the best plan. She is with Grandma and Grandpa Hollen and I know she is having a blast. I feel like I have a missing limb. Next time, kid. Next time, you will come with us. For now, FaceTime will have to suffice. 

We have driven a lot in the past two days. The last time we made this drive, it had either been fall or winter. So driving over passes in the summer has been a nice change of pace. We had some pretty decent gas station coffee along the way. We stayed in Twin Falls the first night and the sunset coming into town was breathtakingly orange and seemed to carry on forever. 

We have eaten breakfast at hole in the wall diners. We have listened to good music and podcasts. I have been reading an excellent book. We have replaced a burnt out blinker bulb in the car. We can't believe how hot it is out in the PNW right now. 90 degrees or more. Seriously???

Yesterday, we made it to our hotel, sweaty and road weary. We freshened up and headed downtown. One beer, one shot, and a burger with peanut butter on it, and I was content. We both agree that that was probably one of the top 3 burgers we've ever eaten in our lives. I love this place. 

 But alas, we have arrived in the city that I love. We have all of today to spend exploring and then this evening we are meeting a bunch of friends for dinner at one of my very favorite places. 

I love vacation. I needed this vacation. 

I miss our kid. 

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